Listening For A Friend - It's Worth Something

the class was stressing as the teacher loitered around the classroom, dropping exam papers like bombs into the hands of each trembling student.
i did terribly. the worst ever. it was so bad and i could hardly believe but then i could to some extent. but the thing that made that day the worse was not just my marks but my friend.
she began crying, the tears falling at great speed down her face, head on the desk, eyes seeing a different world. and so we went out and i took her to the toilet so she could wipe her face.

and i listened to her rant about not doing well and how i knew i had done worse than her.

poor girl. i wanted to hug her but she hated hugs. so instead i listened to her and comforted her.

it was sad day.
but now that is the past. and she is ok after that. and i'm sure she was glad i listened to her :)

we're best friends now
uncertaingirl uncertaingirl
18-21, F
Sep 12, 2012