Though I Don't Often Believe It...

I'm doing my best. That's all anyone can really expect of me. My son may be a bit off the wall, he may say some weird stuff sometimes, and he may be hard to handle at other times, but I love him. I tell him so.  I encourage him to try new things. I discourage him from 'bad' behaviours. I remind him every chance I get that mommy thinks he's beautiful. Even when he's covered in mud/chocolate/mac and cheese/mashed peas/magic marker. I dance with him. I sing to him. I read to him. I listen to his stories, and tell him my own. I play with him. We tell each other we're best friends. :D

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2 Responses Feb 26, 2009

that is just how it should be.... wish you the best....being a mom is wonderful but being a caring mom is amazing

Again, thank you! <br />
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But you're gonna flatter me s'much my cheeks'll burn off from blushing!