Worst Packer Fan Ever

*hangs head in shame*
yes.... it's true. i have been a die-hard Packers fan for about twenty years now... and up until recently i didn't even know who the ?new? Quarterback is.... it is still Rodgers, right? *laughs*
I did some digging tho...and according to some people we are just a bunch of beer drinking beer bellied Zombies who only come alive when the word Packer comes into play... within or without the football reference. Others would just as soon it be the football that was packed up the ummmm........hindquarters of a cheesehead... there were other references to packing and cheese that will go unmentioned. *worried look*

so yes... i think i will stay where i am. Don't try to argue stats or wonder who would do better or what they shoulda done did ....
I "YAY! for them if i hear they win... i root for them if they're playing....and my son has a FARVE jersey.......

that's my "Fanning"

SweeetKiester SweeetKiester
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3 Responses Aug 23, 2014

Love the Packers, want to actually go to a game in Green Bay sometime before I die...and if I ever cheated on my husband, it would be with Clay Matthews! YUMMY

lol... your secret is safe with me... *grins*

Thanx hon!

I want to go too but there must be at least 3' of snow on the ground.

I still have AND wear my Favre jersey.

*high fives you*... *grins*

Been a Packers fan since about 1967 good and bad times LOL