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My son wanted to be a firefighter. He loved to dress up as such, and even go out with his cute outfit, telling everyone he would someday be the chief of all firefighters in the city. "Dad, I love you, but I don't want to have a boring job like yours... sitting all day in an office is just not for me!" 

I just came back from a business trip, and saw a firefighting helmet in a handcrafts local shop... everytime I see these things in toy stores, my chest feels very empty, and it hurts... It hurts missing my little boy, and wondering how he would look like now. He would be almost eight, and the only way of seeing him is in dreams. Always in dreams... 
sweetmeisje sweetmeisje 26-30, F 141 Responses Jun 22, 2010

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Well, I wish my mum would love me as much as you love your son

Thanks for sharing. It must be a terrible feeling to lose a child and all those precious memories...

I'm so sorry, but I am so glad that the time you spent with him was beautiful.

I just want to extend my condolences to you... and my hugs. My parents lost their son, my big brother, when he was five years old. Reading your story reminds me of the pain I know they still have even all these years later at missing him. Overtime they have found they can cherish the good memories and smile. I was born the year he died and I wish very much that I had known him better. I am a parent now and I cannot fathom how I would ever cope with losing a child. What I do know is that there are seasons for everything in life and sometimes life is taken when we feel it shouldn't be, but somehow that pain.. that pain is a growing curve. You are a strong person I am certain. This is how I see my parents... strong.

I'm over whelmed and at a loss for words other than I'm so sorry......<br />
<br />
<br />

There are no words that can heal your loss. But know that you are not alone. My parents lost their first baby girl, and 32 years later, the pain in their hearts is just as real as the day it happened. What I can say, is I feel it made them better parents to me. They understand life is a gift and appreciate every moment, they are the best parents I could ever ask for with their loving protection. I have learned things I couldn't have without the wisdom they taught me. Without them, I would not understand certain beauties in life. I would not know the Lord...He has given angels wings over them, and I feel forever in debt to them, and especially to Our Father in Heaven. You and your family will be in my prayers...

i am so sorry for the lost of your child, accept my sympathy :)

I'm sry for your loss... I know i wouldn't ever be able to heal from that bcuz your son and/or daughter is your blood... and I would hate to lose them... hope you feel better in the long run...

I'm so sorry, we feel for you. Please know, that we hope that for you there'll come a day when you won't hurt too much.

I wore a firefighter's helmet for 28 years.My love,light,and energy goes out to you..

Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments and taking the time to read.

I'm sorry. Seems like you're pulling through though. You can probably focus on all the positive experiences of the times he spent in this world. I can recommend a book called "The Power Of Now", which has this great idea that you must focus your attention on the now, on this very moment and only let your mind live in the present or the future when it's doing you any good (thinking of fond memories for instance). You can learn to surrender yourself to the now, i.e. not resisting events that have already taken place. Maybe the book will help you even further. I know it helped me. Shine on!

thank you for sharing

I almo0st cried..i'm so shorry..<br />
Everything happens for a reason...

I almo0st cried..i'm so shorry..<br />
Everything happens for a reason...

I almo0st cried..i'm so shorry..<br />
Everything happens for a reason...

I almo0st cried..i'm so shorry..<br />
Everything happens for a reason...

im so sry u lost ur son, wiht a loving mom like u im sure he wldve grown up 2 b a very respectible and responsible man

Im so hurt for your loss. I am the father of a 22 year old police officer. Thoughts of losing my son sometimes cross my mind. I cant have any idea of what your going through. I will be praying and thinking of you today. Tom In NC

So sorry to hear about ur loss. One day u will see him alive in the flesh. I dont know if u believe in the Bible but since I also lost my brother I find comfort in the sc<x>riptures @ John 5:28-29 which says: “Do not be amazed at this, for a time is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his voice 29 and come out—those who have done what is good will rise to live, and those who have done what is evil will rise to be condemned."

I like this.

Very sorry - hope you can heal.

Big hug i am so sorry, it is never easy to loose a loved one you have a community here that supports you x<br />
thank you for sharing

He is in heaven right now. You may want to read "Heaven Is So Real".

I am sry for ur loss parents should never have to bury their children

I am sry for ur loss parents should never have to bury their children

You know where your son is? He is with the other 343 firefighters from FDNY. They are taking good care of him, watching out for him and making sure he would make you proud just like they did for each other.

He might be an angel fire fighter

hey, be strong. you are not alone in this fight, you have God with you and we are here even if we dont know each other yet but you can talk to us, we will listen. i know its painful but you'l get through this. be strong. *hugs

My deepest, deepest condolences. There are no words.

I am so sorry. My sister died, but she was a still birth. But because of her death I got 2 other sisters. Be strong he will always be with you. Your memorys keep him alaive.