Taken For No Reason

My pain comes from a place unlike others, I did everything right but it all went wrong. March 2003 I walked away from the most chaotic life ever. I had lost most of my children to CPS and found out I was pregnant so not to loose this child. I left everything I knew to give a life to my child. Unfortunately, CPS was on me no matter where I went. So I followed their case plan and gave them what they wanted. With the thousand hoops to jump through and some misunderstandings things seem to progress for me, I knew for my son I would never turn back to my old life but for CPS Nothing was ever enough, 2 years later I lost custody and what was suppose to be an open adoption turned out to be a never see again adoption.
So every September day I remember my loss and cry...don't get me wrong I remember him everyday just much harder in September. 2 years later I gave birth to his sister and hid her to keep her. I see some of my children but have lost a few to adoption. All my losses are hard but for my son, I know I did everything right, and still was wrong.
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I agree I lost all my children to cps it only takes one person to go to cps and lie to them about you and they won't even investigate what is true of false

you are a fuckwik and don't deserve to be on this site. this is for properly grieving parents. go away.