Laura died at birth . The doctors don't know why . I miss her so much. I look in the sky and every
Rainbow I feel is her telling me I am
Ok mommy.
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I am truly sorry for your loss. I totally know what its' like. I lost 2 of them...

Listen, don't let anyone lie and tell you that it's going to get better! People just want to hurry you up out of your grief. That going to take time, a life time, if need be.

I still can't even begin to come to terms with my losses. Do you know I have been totally unable to cry? Is something wrong with me for that? I personally think so...

So my dear, you are not alone.

My heart goes out to you. Your description of her voice in the rainbows is beautiful.

every year my mom hangs an angel on the tree, my brother wrote a song its on you tube stay withus momma, you might associate with it. robb spencer, pls listen to the words

I am sorry...I wish you feel better!