Grieving Widow

I too, am a grieving widow of a prostate cancer patient.  About 6 weeks now.  It is very hard. 
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my husband has just died of cancer that had spresd to all his body after 3 years clear then had septasemia which started it all up again he had 3 major operations in 2010/2011 2 bags on his stomach then 3 months ago was told he had days or weeks to live it is hard but be brave your parner would not want you to greive life has to go on be strong and think of the good times i do all the best val

My husband just passed away November 15th of Nasopharynx Cancer. I can't say,I know exactly how you feel,but I do understand your pain. Message me anytime.

I have also lost my beloved husband to cancer just recent ... on the 2nd of october 2012.. After being with him for 24 years. I am finding it very hard to deal with at the moment.

I have also lost my beloved husband of 35 yrs to liver cancer, he had a transplant and the hepatacellular cancer spread to the lungs after 1 yr he went through 3 yrs of pain and i kept him home and took care of him 24/7 until the last 6 days. I feel so lonely and people ask me how do i feel i tell them that it is like an amputation of my body, we met when i was 16 yrs old and together all the time, we camped, snowmobiled, hking, fishing, then we adopted a little boy when i was 35 yrs old i could not have children because of sexual abuse from my father, hysterectomy at 26 yrs<br />
but my boy is my angel and he got very close with his dad in the last 3 yrs being home all the time and is having a rough time. we have no family members left grandparents all passed on yrs ago<br />
so now it is 3 months since dave is gone and i am very lonely, i have alot of faith in God, but does anyone feel like they just want to hold someone and talk to them whenever they feel like it. is this wrong, my dave and i had an agreement yrs ago that if either one of us goes we dont want either one of us to be alone. I am finding notes that he has left me. we always wrote notes for 35 yrs and i miss that alot, more than alot of people could imagine.

I know how you feel since I have been in the same situation like you. I am still a grieving widow and nobody knows, everyone thinks I am over my grief, since it's been 2 yrs. Years does not make any difference and I still miss my husband everyday. He was the "Rock" in my life and the family and everything is not the same since he's been gone. My FAITH makes me strong and I believe he never left me and still watching over us. I count my blessing and the many happy memories we had. It is not easy but have FAITH. This will also pass and you'll look back with a smile for the wonderful years you've shared with him. Keep busy and let the tears flow, but turn to your Faith for guidance. I'll keep you in my prayers and sending you here the angels to watch over you. Love, hugs and kisses....