Grumpier Than I Should Be??

Sigh...It's Saturday night.  Got up plenty early today, being the weekend.  Cleaned, did laundry, kids moved along with constant prodding (which is wearing)...they left before noon w/ their father for the aft, I picked up SOON as they get in the car they're pickin' at each other...bicker, bicker, bicker.  They go to dad's for 5 hours and he wines and dines them (so to speak), then back to reality w/ mom....track in on my clean floors w/ snowy feet!..THEY SIMPLY DON'T CARE!  I have raised these six children..and still, THEY SIMPLY DON'T CARE.  How do I make them care??  Completely stop cleaning and doing laundry for two weeks???  Maybe I just should!

mseinna mseinna
Feb 21, 2009