Stricken With Gbs While Out Of The Country

My husband and i were visiting family in Italy in Aug 2011 when i got a "stomach flu" which ran its course-after a wk I had trouble walking and suddenly fell-i was taken to the local er where blood wk and a cat scan was done-ct scan showed some bulging at the disks but docs were puzzled-At that point i had b ack pain-so they thought it might be sciatica-I was told to go home and rest-i was given pain meds-the pain was a 9 on a scale of 1-10-i had to have the meds increased-I was seen by other docs but none had an answer(i told all of them about my stomach flu) I was laid up in Italy for about a month-hoping the "sciatica" would clear up-Coming back on the plane was awful-I up-graded to bus.class-had to use a wheel chair-Once home-went to a neurologist and he immediately sent me to the er and I was admitted- was diagnosed with GBS(numerous mri's- blood wk- spinal tap} Given IVIG -Lots of ot and pt-after 3 wks sent home with ot and pt services at home and then out-patient-I have improved but still have difficulty-have foot drop in both feet-use AFO b race on one foot climbing steps is very difficult and balance is an issue-i use a cane-it's very frustrating-I was a very active and independent person-I am grateful that the GBS was not worse-others have and are still suffering more than me-I pray for all of them-I hope that more can be done for people with this problem-it is rare but so debilitating
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I was diagnosed with GBS three months ago and seemed to be regaining strength in my arms and legs slowly. But last week the paristhesis ( numbness & sensation distortion) seemed to increase. Anyone else experience sic setbacks?

I hope you recover completely-the un-certainty for me is the worst-my pt says everything will come back-but i feel that is what they are supposed to say-Try to stay positive-I know it's not easy-God bless

I know your pain that's why they call it the travelers disease,it usually strikes after an extensive long journey or holiday ,I as you are recovering from GBS since 2008 and the neurologist say I may never fully recover I am now back to work after 2 1/2 years and getting by ok until I retire I hope.