I Am A Guillain Barre Syndrome Survivor

I can only say that I must be extremly lucky.

Just a few weeks ago following a heavy cold I woke to tingling in the toes and fingers. I worked with this thinking little of it and expecting the symptoms to dissipate after a good nights sleep. On the 3rd morning I noticed a definate increase in symptoms some loss of leg strength which nearly caused me to fall down stairs.

Walking was difficult with concentration needed for foot placement whilst walking, lifting my feet over thresholds into shops was problematic.
I was intent on going into work that day and it was only the intervention of my daughgter that persuaded me to visit my GP. my employer upon hearing of my symptoms insisted that I immediately attend our local A&E department. (thankfully for once I listened to advice)

My daughter took me there and I fairly easily walked into the hospital. I was almost immediately seen by a triage nurse who quickly determined that my symptoms and by this time total absence of lower leg reflexes were not a normal presentation of commoner conditions. The A & E Dr who then attended was equally baffled but did have a suspicion of GBS. That particular day I attended I was lucky to have a visiting consultant neurologist in attendance at the hospital, He was able to confirm GBS.

I was admitted to hospital and within a short period hooked up to the first of 5 daily infusions of IVIG.

Within 12 hours of walking into the hospital I had been unable to bear my own weight on my legs and walking was impossible. 9 hours after admission I fell down in the bathroom and needed assistance back to bed. I had loss of feeling in my hands and loss of any taste whatsover.

Now 15 days later I am back at home I still have no reflex,s, no feeling in my feet and extensive tingling in my fingers. I however am fairly mobile on crutches, climb stairs, toilet myself (thankfully) and shower daily.

Whilst I know my journey to a full recovery may take several months, I have been extremly lucky. The advice from my daughter and employer to seek immediate medical help together with speedy and rapid treatment has no doubt kept me from what could have been a far worse experiance.

I cannot express the depth of gratitude to the people who have no doubt saved me from the worst of what is a very frightening condition.

Pauls73 Pauls73
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How are you doing now?
I had GBS in 1980, 24 years young paralyzed from the neck down...i too had a cold about 5 days before i couldn't walk.
joyinthejourney, clg