I was camping with my family in November 2011 had an awesome day kicking the footy(AFL) with a mate. during the day i started feeling light headed and weak in the knees but didn't think much of it. so it became night time i was standing by the fire when i feel my body start to sway a bit i thought i should sit down, i then went to walk but just couldn't for the life of me move my legs i started to freak out i called my dad over and was explaining what was happening, that's when my legs just buckled and i nearly fell face first in the fire but luckily my dad caught me. him and my mate dragged me to bed think i was just really tired or something about an hour later i try getting up out of bed but i couldn't move my body at all from the neck down i was freaking out really bad because this was first time something like this happened to me. dad walk into the tent i yelled out to him in tears saying i cant move my body. so dad starts freaking out and we were an hour out from the closes town and place to get reception to call the ambulance from there i was flown to the hospital in Melbourne.
from there i was constantly ask questions and was tested o multiple times doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong after couple weeks of testing they thought they found out what was wrong so they gave me some medication, which actually gave me meningitis. i was then taken to the infectious ward and the meningitis gave me excruciating migraines. it took the doctors a week to cure me from that i had to get a spinal tap and stuff done to slow pain down. and after the 4 weeks in hospital they diagnosed me with guillian barre syndrome.
i still to this day get weakness in my knees and constant head spins.
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Jan 17, 2014