Time to Be Thankful

I was diagnosed on April 10th, 2008.  It started as a back ache and progressively got worse as the days went by and within 1 week I was unable to walk or feel my feet or legs.  I went through plasma phresis and IVIG.  I ended up with pneumonia due to aspiration and I died twice the night I was put on the ventilator.  I was on the ventilator for only 1 week and I spent a total of 3 weeks in the Nuro intensive care unit.  Was I was released from intensive care I was still to weak to do the amount of physical therapy they said was required to be done, which was 3 hours a day, so I was sent to a intermediate hospital where therapy came 3 days a week and worked on sitting me up on the side of the bed.  The pain with this syndrome is truly unbearable at times.  After a month and a half there to build some of my strength back I was moved to a rehabilitation facility.  I spent two months there and 2 weeks before I was discharged to go home I took my first steps.  I can remember how happy I was and full of hope.  Because until that point I was starting to question the doctor's.  I went home in September 2008 and that was a chore in it's self but I muddled through and now I am back to work.  I am still unable to fell my feet but I walking with a cane and trying to get as much mobility back as possible.  I am very hopeful that I will fully recover and have no residual effects but I also know if that doesn't happen I am grateful to be alive and have the chance to see my children grow up.  This syndrome teaches you patience and gives you the insight to see what is really important in life.  Good luck in recovery to all that are going through this and my prayers are with you.

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1 Response Mar 17, 2009

Great outlook! My husdand is recovering from GBS the Miller Fisher Varient. He is very frusturated and depressed at the moment, but you are very uplifting!