Alot Of Guns!

Growing up in rural Vermont it was hard not to spend time with a gun in my hands. As I got older it became one of the driving passions in my life...right along with fishing, hiking, jeeping, camping, hunting. I built my first rifle at 16. My parents gave me a CVA Blazer2 kit rifle for christmas that year. That was it, I was hooked. After I finninshed school, I went to collage for gunsmithing and got a partime job with a couple local gun shops. Nights and weekends, doing repairs, refinnishing, mounting scopes...just basic stuff. I saves my pennies and was able to turn my part time job into a business Vermont Custom Firearms. I built high end, bolt action hunting rifles, based around Brno modle 24 actions.

Things in life often change, and for reasons I've now forgoten I closed the busieness down after only 2 years and less then 100 rifles. Fast forward to 1996, I took a job a local gun factory, doing warrenty repairs. When I basicly worked my self out of a job...after burning through 2 pallets for repair back log, I was put incharge of the machine shop, welding dept., and 2 assembly lines. Eventualy, I ended up running the night shift with up to 40 armorers and gunsmiths working under me. I left the gun buisness in the fall of 2000, but I will always keep my love of guns close to me.

A few weeks ago I stopped by a local gunshop while I was on vacation. I struck up a conversation with the owner and some how got onto the subject of gunsmithing. Evenualty he asked me how many firearms I've built in my carear...I just stepped back, smiles and said "oh, I don't know......some where around 300,000". Yah, I built ALOT of guns!
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I've been trying to get started in gun smithing. Any advice?

If its something you really want to do, then just go for it. There is alot of training available, although jobs can be tough to find.

Thank you. Ill try my hardest to make it work.

It's good to find someone who loves their job. Always looking for good gunsmiths