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Why People Think Its Bad Thing To Wait .

i really think its a really good thing to wait for the right one and when u find her u wait tell the marriage to get the sexual relationship .and i guess it worth waiting for it .
mgarhy mgarhy 26-30, M 9 Responses Nov 2, 2011

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god bless you :)

thank u so much .god bless u too :)


Oh to hell with them. My husband waited until we were married. And i to would of but the choice was made for me due to rape and ******. We learned about love and sex together. It was a wonderful thing. When you have no previous notions of what all of that really is you go exploring. When you find the person you really want to spend the rest of your life with you will have the adventure of your life. There is a comfort in being with someone who has nothing to compare you to. And you can not miss what you never knew. Besides now my husband is an amazing kisser and when we started dating he sucked at it. But he learned what i likes and that is the best gift.

thank u so much and yeah its about exploring every thing together .its an amazing feeling i guess .thx

my daughter is 20 and did not wait. She let an older guy fill her head full of crap. Now she will tell you that she to wishes she had listened to her old mom and waited. It is not one of those things that gets you a do over.

thx for sharing and sorry for ur daughter sure she will get the man she deserve one day .i don't really understand why we all have to do the same mistake we all know that not waiting almost never ended right with anyone and we keep doing it then we regret or we stop regretting and keep doing it over and over and draw a fake happy smile and say we happy and its freedom crap

thats whats true love should be

our strong love will make it work .i am sure of that.

I applaud your confidence

our strong love will make it work .i am sure of that.

What if you've waited and are not compatible in the bedroom?

Yeah I hear ya. Have to be compatable.

how much did u loved him for real and and did u loved other guys the same way u did to him ?and what about him did he loved u the same way? did u waited ur all life looking for him ?thats why i don't like that kind of relationships coz u go for people u just have feelings for and u only trying so he is not the one and u both move on and try anther people i feel thats why relationships not good this days coz it built on trying we lose part of our hearts with every one we be with .and after all this only me and how i see it and i am not judging any body i am talking about myself only.thx for sharing

it okay if u say so.and if u feel happy that way.

like it :))

Me too ;)

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in the train of love passengers never gets the right destination .only few of them do .