Guy On Guy

I'm 17 and bi. One of my best kisses was with another guy. He was really hot and had been a friend of mine from football. One day, two years ago he approached me when we were alone and told me that he was bicurious (I had come out as bi freshman year). We kissed and it was the most amazing, indescribable feeling. I had heard from his ex-girlfriend that he was an awesome kisser but she didn't do him justice.

Later that night we met at my house when my family was gone and made out for hours. That night was just as amazing as the kiss. A few days later he came out and we went out for a while and just couldn't stay away from each other. Eventually we broke up but damn was that first kiss good.
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I'm hard

Can I play with it

I'm a bi female and I get really turned on by guys kissing... thanks for sharing, that was hot.

I've kissed a guy myself also I sucked a guy's ****

Did he ever suck your ****, what was that like?

He didn't suck my **** I just sucked his ****.

Hot story! Thanks for sharing. I got hard reading it.