No Longer Just The "lady's Man"

The other day, someone I respect commented that I must be quite the lady's man.
That struck a nerve in me, I guess.
Am I unable to hold a friendship with someone if there's no romantic fiber or the possibility of one? (sorry, I am straight)
Or is it that the level of friendship and connection, if not intimacy (non-sexual), that I easily have with female friend is harder to find in males?

Go ahead, make my day, throw your testosterone at me :-)

Updates 9/1, my bromances are going well... I have some guy stuff to share but I am not forgetting my feminine side ;-)
KnottyG KnottyG
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5 Responses Aug 10, 2010

Very good question, Lacy and very good offer of an explanation as well. <br />
These are things that are best left to the opinion of the ladies rather than for the gentlemen to decide. :-)

Note that I don't intend to make less female friends, it's what may work for most anyway but I definitively would enjoy more gender balance in the people with whom I share an or many affinities.

Who is this person with her arms bound in her back? That is not my knotty work, I do not know her, please report her as fake :-P

Now Knotty, hopefully you making the same statement to EB won't ruffle his feathers like it did <br />
Btw, I KNOW you're a lady's man, but in all the best ways. ;) I, for one, am glad I'm on your list.

You nailed it EB, merci vieux! At this level of intimacy, women are more comfortable than men with sharing, something about being in touch with our feelings that doesn't come with the chromosom Y.<br />
<br />
You are quite the lady's men btw... add some Swiss chocolate to the mix and you're ready for God status :-D