I Wear All My Wife's Attire.

This was happened when after many days i had back to my house.
my wife knows about my habit of crossdressing. but this time she looked not so interested to wear me.
she was looking upset.she was staring at me angrily.
-dont you know how to wear any fashion??
i was confused about what you are talking dear?
-about your dress sence you full!
-yes! what is this? she touched my nose stud above little moushtache.
-baby this is style!
-and this? she touched the rubber bangles i had wored in my wrist.
-you guys are just sick! you dont know how to wear a complete package.
come with me. she pulled my hand.

she seated me before mirror -look like this.
she opened the cup board. and took out a thread.
and after that-
i had just cried if had notfaced it Already.
my eyebrow was done.
then after she shaved my face and waxed all over where needed.
it was a great experience she fashioned me top to bottom as a beautiful model.
and i was shocked when suddenly she told me that she is going to take me out for movie evening show.
what ?? i was afraid of people. what they will think when my wife is with me and she is well known in our place.?

but the time was good.
i enjoyed her company as her wife while she was dressed as my husband.
she was calling my name shabnam.
she had wored a jeans with black oversize shirt. and increased her belly size which her boobs were not so visible.
it was a weired experience when a boy tried to flirt at me and i kicked him on his belly with my bangleful hand.
actually i had forgotten myself that i was acting like a woman & it was challenge between me and my wife.
one who will pay for it who will loose his roll in public & of course i was the looser..

(in. my next experience i like to be more girly..check that.)
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Your wife is great to help you with fashion sense.

you are so lucky that your wife will give you that experience i would love that if my wife would do that for me

sister , nice exxperiance and thanks for you wife she has done daring to take you out as a lady and herself as your husband.<br />
<br />
enjoy iyour cd<br />
<br />
love from sister Radha

Yes sister she is really so daring than me.
even she keep fighting for my right of cd.
she is all happiness in my life.
i feel i am incomplete without her...