How I Was Seduced Into Dresses And Sensual Clothing ... And I Like It!

Somewhere on Earth not that many years ago, a beautiful smart woman set me up for a life changing experience. You know the story, Halloween, a dare, the I can't back down male thing and am I so glad I didn't! She did it all for the right reasons, with nothing but good intentions, with an eye on having fun on Halloween like no other. It was for us both. It went beyond what either of us expected.
To you Forced Feminizing Mistresses and Dom's; you could learn a lot from this experience. You may find it necessary to force some, many even request it, BUT force is not required! Force is counterproductive and makes an intelligent individual turn to 'brat mode' and then you fail. The weak minded, OK then, brainwashing works.
Unfortunately, the forced feminizing world forgets, that force, fighting, domination, chains, and even war are all the classic results of predominately male traits and ruler ship you are revolting against. Why are you using chains, whips, domination, brainwashing, and things I cannot name on a family website such as this to make a male feel humiliated, less than a man (sissy), embarrassed wearing sensual and beautiful clothing in order to turn him into a female? Women and feminists worldwide have sought, fought for, and many died to seek some equality on this male dominated world. One day they may see you as I do. The flip side of totalitarianism and male dominated dictatorship is Femdom forced on anyone. I must acknowledge some people find that erotic and exciting, and I would be the last to deny you your freedoms, consensually between adults that is.
But the Femdom world (and most governments) only know how to use force. They have no purpose in life it seems because when there is no enemy out there, the bureaucrats commence wars against there own people, as if to justify the continued existence of bureaucracy. We did have it right in the 1960's, although it took me years to see it, Love conquers all. It's also the only game 2 can play and you both win!
Enter a male in his 30's, successful in life and career, and a hopeless romantic. Along comes a woman who at first look into her eyes sent a bolt of lightning down his spine, his knees buckled (truthfully). some months later, she wanted him to play the girl for Halloween, and pure seduction, a dare, and some careful planning taught this man a whole lot more than I planned for. (Would I go back and change it? - absolutely not! giggle)
Being in a long distance relationship is hard enough, but women have this sister thing that goes way beyond 'the boys' in the man cave. I am a sister to many women and I would not trade their sisterhood for my life. It is a connection that few men will ever understand. She had help from her sisters who lived close to me. I was taught to walk in heels, dress in all the underclothing, and do it right; with one minor exception, or should i say exclusion. Everything I wore during this time was cotton, NO silks, satins, or sensual fabrics at all - little did i know.
Then came the day when she came to me, and I didn't know she was coming. Her sisters did! When she got to my home, the sisters vanished, and after taking out the usual romp each other bodies on sight, I suddenly realized the timing of her visit. I had just shaved every hair from my reachable body below my head as she asked me to. Satin panties and Silk stockings plus her fingernails on my legs, indescribably ecstatic. Silk slip and that was followed by the most sensual dress to touch this body to date, all put on with my eyes closed, a wedding dress was zipped shut. She let out a squeal of excitement when it fit perfect ally. Every time I moved - my skin trembled. Sensual Overload but I didn't even care and don't you dare stop! I didn't, she got me to walk a little and then came the look I melted for from the day we met, the "Your mine" and "I'm Pouncing you NOW" look.
I will spare you the excruciating details (giggle) but she told me the next day she saw my inner girl come to life, she could see it in my eyes. She knew exactly when it happened. "I haven't lost my man, I've gained a GF too!" She was and is to this day correct; I didn't become something less I BECAME SOMETHING MORE! But it took me years to realize she was right, my feminine side had come to life, and she ain't going back.
Now let me add that there was foreplay around this from then on. Life and kids got in the way a lot, but she found ways. We would be shopping for the kids and she would drag me into a dress store and tease me with her eyes as she looked at beautiful dresses. If I looked wishful at what she was teasing me with it might show up on the bed at home for me to wear. After all we were the same size clothing wise. She started making all kinds of things fun with girl time tossed in when possible. I became her mate in every way and I liked it.
THEN life took her from me, and that loss took me years to recover some remnant of my heart from. A decade later I have decided to try again, maybe for the last time, so i will not settle for less. Brandy Lynn is alive and well but seldom comes out to play. She lost her guide, and with it some of her confidence. I guess I now know what it is like to be so insecure about your looks as to remain unseen. That's a crime against who i am, and so here i am lost in cyberspace, searching for the lady of my dreams, my soul mate, the one i will cuddle till i die.

It all started with a dare, and me returning a challenge: "You show me what you like and why, so i can return the favor a few thousand times." By the time that weekend was done i had trembeled, quivered, and shivered in ways a man just never feels; and we both had fun with it after that. When I lost my guide, I quit for a bit (all pictures are several years old) but with some BFF's help I a lot better at it now. You'll see come halloween pictures unless I find the lady I seek - then this profile might just vanish! Like most women, I do this for me, and how it makes me feel, and to join some of my BFF's on a girls night out. NO MALES NEED APPLY!!! ONLY a lady can work the nerves of this girl to ecstacy. As a hopeless romantic who is an accomplished cook / baker, dont mind housework, & trained in sensual and deep muscle massage - when i find my lady she will be spoilled from head to toe, peroid. thats a promise!

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I'm also a man dresses from head to foot womens in clothing and love it

I am also a guy who dresses from head to toe in women's clothing and I love it very much

I just found a Mistress that as has opened the door to my girl side, i don't want it closed.
She has started me on the tender path of longing of wonder. Now i worry life may be taking her from me.

You have experienced the best that life has to offer. Now it is wonderful that you are open to sharing all this with someone new. Best always.

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Your are so correct about this sisterhood you talk about.<br />
You as I have been accepted into this sisterhood, something very few males would understand and be a part of.<br />
There is something very special when a female helps with simple things like putting makeup me and being very close.<br />
The look in her eyes as we walk hand in hand going out on the town as two girls is priceless. just as priceless as lovers do.<br />
Another simple thing like going to the ladies toilets together and talk girlie talk and checking our makeup and dresses is to be accepted as one of them within those hallowed walls of females.<br />
<br />
I am so sorry that you lost your lover, friend, sister.<br />
Just think of all the great times you two had together and she still lives in your heart and no one can ever take that away from you.

I just wanted to say I'm very sorry for your loss, I to have lost someone like you and have found a wonderful new lady. She buys for me, teases me in stores and a lot of other great things, but it took me along time to heal. Hang in there! It gets better.

Just came across your sad but wonderful story, brandygirl4u. I am so sorry for your loss of such a wonderful woman in your life, it just doesn't seem fair as there seem to be so few of them out there. It's been quite some time since you wrote this and i do hope you've had the success you're craving in finding another woman to be in your life with you. God bless. EvieDrag's comments are also well written as well.

Many of us feel about femininity as you describe it, too bad we all could not be guided by such a wonderful woman as you met. She must have been a wonderful woman to know. I would live my life as a female for a woman if only she would come into my life. Alas most do not understand a feminine male so won't have anything to do with us. I love my feminine self and would love so much to be with a superior female!