For many years I have desired women's lingerie, to wear, to purchase for my wife; a craving for the touch and the feel of undergarments that are ordinary for women but special for men.
As I type this I am wearing a Glamorise sports bra (1206) and a Flexees high waist panty girdle. I'm 71, retired, and having a terrific sunset in life, with grandchildren, travel, volunteering. I only dress partially. I have not embarked into the realm of wigs, cosmetics, dresses, shoes. I am not going to as I simply do not have the effort and time commitment.
I enjoy my girdles, bras and stockings; enough for my desires.
I applaud and validate those who fully cross dress, as some do it so well, probably with consultants and many hours of thought, trial and error!
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70+, M
2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

I loved reading your story as I am in the same situation and we are about the same age. (I'll be 73 this April.) I am retired and love my silky satin lingerie wearing under my male shirt and pants. Wife knows this but is not happy about it and that's really too bad as we could have so much more fun if she'd just make an attempt to accept that which I cannot change and have given up trying after many unsuccessful purges. Now trying to live on a fixed limited income that decreases every year with increased medical insurance premiums I cannot afford to rebuild another lingerie collection for my Berta needs. I sleep so well in my long satin nightgowns that I could never ever think of wearing yucky male pj's ever again.

thnaks for sharing