Out Today

I have just got in from a shopping trip to Manchester - nothing surprising about that. Well, I went fully dressed as a woman with my wife on the train. I don't usually go out dressed when at home for a number of reasons which I won't go into here. However, last night, after a few drinks, my wife suggested that we go out. We left early when it was dark so the eyes of the neighbours were not watching and we planned to retrun after dark for the same reason. Taking the car to the station, we then took the one hour train ride to Manchester and spent the day shopping. The thrill of it! Not one person noticed, I was just another woman out shopping with her friend. Whilst sitting outside a cafe having our morning coffee a asked me for a light with the words: "Got a light darling" - just shows that I can get still do it. My wife and I are now back home reflecting on our day out.
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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

You've shared a wonderful experience. You are certainly one lucky "gurl" to be blessed with such a wonderful accepting, participating and sharing wife. You are the envy of many of us fellow "gurls" who are not as fortunate as you've shared with us that you are.

Good for you and your wife! Such outings mean so much to folks like us. Enjoy each one to the fullest.