A Winter's Day In The Park

Today was a wonderful outing with my wife. We broke away from the tedium of winter on a nice day & visited a fine state park with animals (bear, bison & a host of other rarely seen animals), historical sites and a beauty all its own. I dressed in appropriate attire, warm but stylish, and because it was my first "day trip" en femme of the year, I let it all hang out.

Tan cordaroy slacks, a pretty, dark brown top with lots of lace around the neck, sandals with low stacked heels, a light jacket & DD silicone inserts were the essentials. Did my nails, applied some light makeup, lipstick & jewelry, fixed my hair nicely, got my sunglasses and carried a new purse which matched my outfit just perfectly.

The visit was splendid, the park wasn't crowded and my wife & I enjoyed each minute there. We had extended conversations with 2 of the volunteers and a ranger. Several folks spoke to us as we passed on the path or around an exhibit, each in a most friendly manner. If someone read me (and I expect several probably did), they never showed it even though we were often standing within 2 feet of one another. Then we capped things with an impromptu picnic(bottled water & nabs) at a table near the water. Again folks passed by, spoke to us and one young couple with 2 small children started up a conversation which lasted nearly 10 minutes. They were so nice & sweet. The wife initiated the conversation and sort of attached herself to us as her husband mostly watched their children. It was as if everyone there was on the same wave length...appreciating a fine day in the park. It was a disappointment to have to leave such tranquility and return home, but since company was expected this evening, we had little choice. I hope this is a good omen for the rest of 2013. The strolling and mingling while "en femme" in open daylight did me a world of good.
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Wow, what an exciting story. How fortunate to be able to do such a wonderful thing with your wife. One has to ask, did you stay dressed enfemme for your evening's visit with company? If so, how was that experience?I am so envious of all who've posted within this Experience Subject Thread who are blessed with wives who welcome and support their husbands femininity.