Guys In Slips And Negligees

I am a guy who loves wearing lingerie. I like to dress from head to toe in satin and chiffon. I am not just a guy with a pantie fetish. That being said, I do like to see other guyys who enjoy dressing in negligees as I do. I'm not excited by other men it just makes me feel better about myself when I see I'm not alone in the world.
My true excitement would be to see women wearing the type of lingerie I like to wear and seeing them enjoy themselves wearing it as I enjoy myself when wearing it. Women just don't seem to understand how sexy it is to see them wearing lacy vintage lingerie.
So in conclusion If I want to see others enjoy lingerie I have no choice but to look at other men If your just a pantie wearing guy I find that a turn off.
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4 Responses Feb 26, 2012

Man, I'm with you. Nothing more exciting, putting on a 2-pc. negligee. Full length, 3 layers of flowing satin, silk nylon. Try placing a hair dryer, on low warm heat and direct it onto the silky material, it takes on another soft effect.

I love the flowing nylon lingerie myself as well!

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Nice article. Iam one of those bystanders that enjoy men in lingerie but find it hard to do it myself. I am 6'5'' 235 # so am far from feminine, but really admire men who do. Does that make sense to you?

hon, we must be totally dressed to be a real woman