Panty Play

We're at a loud crowded house party. Neither of have dates as usual. We work together and love each others company. We've been eyeing each other for the night and finally we move to a quiet bedroom. Both of us are drunk and need attention I kiss you. A bold move but you don't reject me. I want to show you my secret and I take off my pants. You see that I wear panties. I'm so hard and tiny. You rub my *** just the way I like and tell me how pretty they are on my shaved body. You rub them all over admiring the silky feel. You tell me that you want to wear a pair. We have no other choice but raid the dresser. He finds a sexy mint pair. I remove his pants and he slips his panties on. He becomes stiff as I help him adjust them. Standing there we kiss and fondle. He lays me down and we stroke our panty clits. We ruin out rears together and he gets on top of me. We thrust and drive our pantied members faster until we explode all over ourselves. I almost pass out and wonder how work will be from now on...
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I am wearing panties and a bra, all alone in this hotel room. I wish I could come to you.

Nice story! I would love to work in your office with you, and be the object of your affection!

Could we have fun together

Could we ever!

I wonder if any work would get done

Me making you feel good would probably be the only thing accomplished!

Lots of trips to the supply closet

And an extended lunch break!

Overtime hours

All nighters! Burning the midnight oil!

All nighters? I'm wearing a skirt then

I hope so!

We would have the office all to ourselves

u 2 r so cute keep it going!

Thank you hun

And the lounge room couch!

How about the file room. That door locks

Or the bosses desk!

As long as we don't lose our panties in there. Think how much fun Halloween would be for us

Think how fun everyday would be for us!

We'd be so hot and ready like a couple of girls. On Halloween we'd get to dress the part for the office. Then they'd know why we go to the copy room so much and volunteer for the out of town trips. It would be evident why we go lingerie shopping at lunch

Our secret would be out! No more hiding! But still a lot of out of town trips together! Definitely!

Maybe we could entertain any clients

Of course! Several at a time!

and what about the girls?

Well of course! You could do our hair and nails, and then we would do you, over and over and over!!

If the girls want to join, they can

I\'m thinking not much office work would get done.

Lots of sexual work would get done LOL

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nice story, tried to add you as a freind but your settings don't allow

can we be friends?

very hot, wish i was there

Just wondering to where do I send my resume? xoxo

Me to. Wouldn't that be a great place to work

plz add me

plz add me nice panties in your pic

I so wish we could rub our pantied clits together. I love silky panties and have always dreamed of kissing a pretty sissy like you while we feel each other up. I'm wearing pink silky bikini panties now and leaking precum!!!

We could grind them into a silky mess

I love those panties in your avatar. Is that you? I'd love to find some panties like that!!!

Vassarette. Very soft and smooth

Baby- Loved this story, Hot & Sexy.

Thank you. I have vivid panty fantasies sometimes