How It All Started

Back when I was just a kid,there was no TV,and we had to be creative to keep busy in the long summer vacation. I had a friend who was a couple years older then me.His parents both worked,so he had the house to himself all summer.His sister ws at his grandmas one day, when he said, do you want to play house? Looking for fun and something different to do, I said OK. He said, I am older and bigger, so I will be the father,you will pretend to be my wife and we will play house.Innocent,young, slender,and witha hairless body,I had dressed up as a girl for Halloween many times before and was very passable. We went to his sisters room and she was the perfect size for me.He dug out some of her silky panties,a skirt, and a frilly blouse,short heels and nylon stockings with seams like they had back then,along with one of his mothers short wigs and told me to put them on so we could pretent to be hubby and wife.I did and he added a touch of lipstick to my lips to finish me off,I was transformed,and felt very fem and sexy in those cloths.We played having dinner,holding hands,just pretending to do what we had seen our parents do. He gave me one of his sisters dolls and said,it is time to fed the baby.Most people then breast fed,so I knew what he meant.I unbuttoned my blouse and held the head of the doll to my nipple,pretenting to breast feed it.He said Im needed to feel what it was really like to be a mother,and said, pretent this is the baby,as he leaned in and began to suck my nipples, one and then the other,working up to nubbling them and playing with them harder and harder.I felt myself getting an erection,and soon after felt his hand slide uop my leg and rub me thru my silk panties.When my reaction was heated and responsive,he pushed up my skirt,pulled down my panties,and begand playing with, then licking and finally sucking my **** til the *** shot out in his mouth,very quicky,and I had just had my first sex with another person,my first *******! It was great!After that day,I always looked forward to crossdressing,and we played house often,always with me on the recieving end.Whenever I dress now, even tho I am married and have brings back the happy memories and a tingling sensation with memories  of my youth.

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3 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Sounded almost like my first. still enjoy doing it after 40 some odd years

how old were you

I Wish I could have played the game with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!