My 2nd Encounter

After texting/email and subsequent phone conversations and exchange of photos, we would plan a f to f meeting. Maybe for drinks to put us both at ease. I know I would be very nervous, even though I am here cuz I desire to be. After some chit chat we decide to get a room. Once inside nature will take its course. First would be we stroke ourselves, then one or the other reaches for the others **** (both are hard by now cuz seeing another mans **** is mind blowing turnon), Another mans **** in your hand will almost make me go on the spot. Then we are stroking the other. One of us snaps and suddenly there is **** in mouth. Before we know it, its 69 and it doesn't take long and we are filling each others mouth with pulsing stream after stream of thick salty sweet juices we have been craving for years..... Let the exploring begin!!!!!
lifeinsane lifeinsane
46-50, M
4 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Can I *** with m2mdad? We could make an awesome MMM three way event. Your story and fantasy is really hot! I'm hard now just thinking about it.

An attractive invitation for sure! Name the date, time and place!

No need to sign up.... Just show up!!!!

Oh yeah! Where do I sign up for that with you?