Thats Me

I really enjoy wearing women's clothes but could not understand why
when I was young and cunfused and feeling guilty about myself and
all that other bullshit my be I'm this mybe I'm that none of that fit the
way I felt about it so stuiped to have such double standed for clothes
I'm just a guy who likes to put on so make up to hide some flaws
and scars and eyes make up to bring out my eyes and the color
no lipstick or blush that is to feminine for me and wear a nice
simple comfortable knee length or longer skirt or dress thats
me be myself
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41-45, M
4 Responses Aug 13, 2010

I would tell your mother. But be sure not to flaunt it in thier faces. They maybe all right with it..mine were, but they may not be ready to see you, just yet in a dress. Maybe by getting them involved would help. I don't know your family and I thought the same way with mine. I told them and to my surprise, they had no problem with me dressing fact they helped.

I also very enjoy wearing women bra and 1pcs swimsuits.

Hii I'm 18 and i started wearing womens Clothes when i was 16 i hide it from my parents and brothers and sisters because i don't want them to be ashamed of me so i keep this my secret
when no body is at home i sometimes dress up in womens clothes any advice anyone on what i should do

go ahead with what you feel to do, i also doing the same, but now i wearing bras and swimsuits everyday to public, i dont care how public staring at me.

you are so me.still deep in closet.really want to walk around house dressed.always worried some one will come over and catch not pretty at all.