A Fool Such As I

Another gripe:

Seriously, I'm kinda tough at first but if you have the patience, I'm gonna cave.  I will clean your place, cook for you, surprise you with sweet little gifts, and pretty much make you the center of my world.  ****** up, I know.  Now it takes a lot of persistence to get there but when I fall, I fall completely.  I promise myself time and again (as I'm sure every girl does) that I'm not sleeping with anyone else FOREVER... well for a long time atleast.  It gets SHORTER AND SHORTER~!  What can I say?  I like sex.  That's another awesome thing about me as a girlfriend.  I'm loads of fun but I don't have sex out of relationships so I'm clean.  And even though I'm a habitual girlfriend, that means a serious relationship, not just Joe Schmoe on a few dates.  Being a girlfriend could be my career.  And the thing is, I'll stick around through any kind of problems you're having and try to be your support system, even if you alienate me and ruin my confidence in the process.  It's all about you while you figure things out.  I hold on to the memory of the way you treated me in the beginning and let all the obvious reasons for us not to be together go.  Then, once you've sucked me dry of love and affection, broken my heart, and humiliated me, you can just move on to a new challenge.  Sounds good right?  Yes I'm bitter.  Boys suck.  BOooooooooooooooo. I hate everything with a penis!  Ok well I'm also a drama queen but I'm a little upset at a certain jackass.

Esperanza Esperanza
18-21, F
Jul 28, 2007