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Hi: I am a recent graduate and work for a corporate beauty salon. I have been working for this Salon for two month now and I am in the hot seat for several reasons. I would like to know, from all you experts (meaning long time hairstylist, owners, instructors), how long does it take, an average new hairstylist, to learn how to cut hair in a beauty salon.

I really look forward to all your replies and would greatly appreciate them as I will use this info to help defend myself.

So thank you in advance. :)
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It takes a good ur to be confident. But because u work for a corporate owned salon. They should have classes and videos for cutting. Also ask for help by ur manager.

its hard to learn when you have a manger at ur back and other stylist snaring down at you...

It took me a couple of years to finally become confident at what we do.