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So I have been a licensed hairstylist for a year now since Dec/09/2011. I recently got a job as a stylist in Sept of 2012. Why it took so long? Not very many salons want to hire someone out of school because "Lack of experience" but I don't know how to get experience if no one will hire me... Anyways, I'm pretty confident in my cuts and styles I just have a really hard time understanding color. The beauty school I attended didn't focus to much on giving us color classes... I try teaching myself but I get frustrated and get discouraged...I feel like I'll never understand and I'll never make it. I love what I do and how I make people feel when they leave my chair... I just hate how hard it is for me to understand color. It's one of the most demanded procedures and I feel stupid for not knowing how too... Is there any tips you may have that helped you understand color better? Maybe a website you go to? Any little tips or help is greatly appreciated... I want to move to the city and work on shoots, music videos, ect. I just want to make money to help take care of my family & I feel like not understanding color is holding me back from making my dream come true.
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Color can be pretty simple once u really grasp the color wheel. But here is what I have picked up
*if toning between a 7-8/9 make sure you use violet first! In my experience blue grabs EXTREMELY fast
*when you have a regular highlight guest, learn how to correctly feather in the color past the new growth, it will save u a lot of breakage in the long run
*do the strand test! If she needs protein, do a proteins treatment before you lift her up. Know the importance of building up the hair before you break it down again. A lot of stylists skip this part but I find it extremely important

*a lot of them are extremely against violet and orange. Redheads want a TRUE red, so try to neutralize out any of those tones because after a few washes they will show through and most likely will not come back to you

Vibrant colors:
*bring them as high as you can but try not to go higher than 4 levels. Neutralize! Some people can just slap on the color and it will take but not normally. color lines like pravana are heavilly pigmented and not only last a long time but can cut through a lot of orangey or yellow tones. Just be very detailed once you have a guest who likes blues and purples etc

Make sure to really study that color wheel!! Cosmo prof and centric (or whatever pro beauty store near you) will offer classes every now an than, so I recommend calling them up and asking about basic color classes. It's worth the money! Good luck!

i just had a interview today for an assistant job... its my fourth one in 4 months even though iv applied for a lot more than 4 jobs...

its crazy out there what these people want.... and what they want to pay you.

I know what you mean.... I work at a salon, I don't rent I work for commission at 60%.... Before I got this job I looked around at a lot of salons and all of them were booth rental at $250 a week! That's fine and all if I already had my clientele but I was fresh out of school so it was more of a reason NOT to hire me... It's fine, I'm learning here... Slowly but surely I'm learning. Are you good at color?

odd how you say... they would not hire u because your right out of school...

i get ...."were looking for some one right out of school" for a reason to not hire me... they will use what ever spin they can to not hire some one.

i sometimes think it all boils down to if they like the way you look or if they like ur personailty.

i even had some idiot on the phone tell me she didnt like my voice... so i hung up on her lol

know nothing about color... I play around with my own hair with color...but I have always worked for places who don't do color... my very first job, the manager catered to one of the stylist....
he was very good, a master stylist and damn good looking..... so of course all the women went to him and the manger made sure they did.

which left the rest of us just sitting around watching him..

I hate working for the franchises they want you to do a hair cut in 15 or less and greet the customers and answer the phone as ur cutting ur clients hair, even if you have to leave ur client .. crazy stuff...

and they write you up if you don't sell products or enough products.

if customer complain they write you up for that ... it does little for ur confidence

I live in a big but small valley and there are tons of salons so they want more experienced stylist because they don't have to teach them anything.... From what I was told by many salon managers.. Where are you from?...... Wow that sounds like it really sucked... I would have hated to work there lol yea I mess with my hair too.... Right now I have red bangs... They were purple then a really pretty orange...then I did a blond and red ombré then just red. I wish I understood color more though..

Wow! Sounds like you worked for super cuts! To be honest it's the one place I refused to work because of how they work. They rotate you around their diff salons so you never build a clientele....

i worked for great clips mostly and years ago i worked in a dept store... .im convinced the beauty bizz is high drama no matter where you go... i worked in orlando fla... and san diego ca boy do i have stories.

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los angeles has many salons that need assistant stylist and ur age is in demad... they perfer the young ones in los/a

Thank you! I'm going to look into salons out in LA and go from there... it will be a big move! Lol

i have to tell you though many of the salons in l/a are prudish.. but ur youth will help you ....

many wont give you the time of the day, the interview lasts maybe 1 to 10 mins, and u walk out wondering what the hell?? jus thave to keep on plugging till you find one that clicks for you ...

<p>yes color is hard to understand they dont make it easy....</p>