Being A Lesbian

A few years ago i thought i was just bisexual, and i was married to a great guy with whom i had 3 kids. It was only last year that i realized my love for women was surpassing that of men. I fell in love with my husband's lesbian cousin and we started a passionate love affair. Luckily my husband understood and gave me a divorce. And a few weeks ago my love and I got married and started a happy life together.
Immaddlyinlove Immaddlyinlove
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Delighted for you and your new wife, hats off to your ex husband for not standing in the way , Be happy :-)

Well, actually darling many other things occurred since then XD Hahaha, check out my other stories and you'll see what i'm talking about, but thank you anyway :)