Happy, Content, Fulfilled, And More.

I've been atheist for well over half my life. I used to be a bible (lowercase intended) thumping street preacher. It was a former Methodist minister who asked me if I read the so-called "good book" not just the parts I liked but the whole thing? I confessed I hadn't and that evening started reading "In the beginning was the word..." Somewhere, I came across the first blatant contradiction where a battle was described in two different books. They talked about the number of horses, number of soldiers, and other numbers and were all different. That was the clue I needed to understand that it couldn't be inerrant if there were errors. This meant that either my god was fallible as humans are, or the book was a lie. Either way, my faith was shaken.

One thing about computer programmers is that we deal with numbers and logic and if there is inconsistency then something is incorrect in the code. From there I began analyzing what I was reading only now with more scrutiny. One day I was angry because of all the horrible things I read like being blessed for dashing babies into rocks, stoning and slavery were condoned, and probably a lot of other things. It was then that I dared my god to show himself or I would stop believing in him. I actually expected the earth to open up and swallow me for blasphemy. Nothing happened obviously.

Eventually reason won and I found happiness in being free from the watchful eye of the invisible man that lives in the clouds who would punish me if I did or thought anything considered "bad" such as looking at a woman with a bit of desire.

To this day my life is going well. I'm successful, talented, well liked, in good health, and planning my vacation this year again at a private condo at the beach. Oh and to those who say there are no atheists in fox holes, let's just say that I had been in fox holes and never prayed once.
RemingtonSteele RemingtonSteele
51-55, M
May 13, 2012