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Happy Ferree

I have a friend who recently moved away to work for a new company that has multiple locations. I wanted to send him an e-mail but did not have an address so I Googled the company and looked for a staff directory. The directory had pictures of the employees with their names attached and a button that said "e-mail me" next to each name. I scrolled through the list and came to a picture of this cute guy (who is not the guy I was searching for) and almost fell out of the chair when I saw his name - his name is Happy Ferree. LOL. I think if that was my name I would have it legally changed.
FreeinSC FreeinSC 66-70, M 15 Responses May 19, 2011

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Maybe he was a happy fairy! Lol...

Have you ever seen Shirley Crabtree dam sure I wouldn't make fun of him he's a British wrestler one of the old greats who's stage name was Big Daddy he took on Giant Haystacks and won the fight didn't get past the first round, the old saying is never judge a book by its cover guess the same goes for names for I know I wouldn't take the **** out of his name lol

I dont care. Its funny

Thanks. I think so, too.


Almost as bad as three old men who lived in our town when I was a lad? Pansy, Posey and Shirley were all named by their parents and as men, I would have had my name changed immediately!

I'm with you. A name change might be appropriate! Thanks

Nobody's happier than a Happy Gay make me happy too.

I wonder about names. I really do. I read a book on Jack the Ripper. Oh! the names.<br />
Micheal Kidney lover of tall thin victim Elizabeth Stride, Mr. Neate ( keeper of the Records Office) and Detective Sgt Wm. Thick. Real people!<br />
<br />
And there was a gay community in Tite St. Oscar Wilde live at No. 16. Whistler - don't know if he was gay or not- lived at 28.

I know freeinsc meant no harm and the name does look like it could be pronounced "HAPPY FAIRY" Oh well funny to me!



I have the pleasure to work with Happy. His last name is pronounced like Free, There is a very good reason his parents named him Happy. If anyone deserved the name he does. He is a kind and cheerful person. He is great with customers and always has a positive attitude. He is admired by customers and co-workers. I am offend that you would make such a rude comment about someone about whom you know nothing.

Sorry that I offended you. I meant nothing hurtful by what I said. I think I was kinda shocked when I saw the actual name.
When you see his picture on the company website you can pretty much tell that he is exactly as you described him.
Guess it just goes to show that the old saying is true: be careful what you say cause it can come back and bite you in the ***.

Be careful what you say for words once flown can never be recalled.
I've often regretted much that I've said but never my silence.
Apart from that what's to take offence to? you were merely commenting on the fact if it was your name you would have it changed not slandering the guy for having it and there would be a bit more credence to your statement that you work with him chaod867 if we knew a little about you your picture is blank your profile is blank your experiences are blank you seem to lead a very blank life?

Being straight I think I'd make that change! But then, if I changed my name to say, Wannabe Ladyrider, I'd get contacts from a load of women that would not float my boat!

LOL. Happy Ferree sells cars- may have to go for a test drive.....

You wouldn't want to be a Happy LOL. I agree, I would change it too.