My Bro Gave Me A Big Hug :) :) !!!

Today I felt emotionally empty so I went to my brother and asked him to give me a hug.He happily agreed and hugged me a warm,brotherly hug.While I was hugging him back,I told him that I wanted the hug to be longer.He laughed gently and told me that he wanted that as well.I remained coiled in his arms for about ten minutes.While we were hugging,I told him that I love him and I couldn't live without him.He told me he loves me as well.I asked him about my ex wanting to be back with me.He told me to stay away from him if I want to live happily.He told me that my naivety is the main reason I broke up with him(my ex).He also told me that a ''gay angel'' like me should always have a guardian.I knew he referred to himself as the guardian.I am feeling totally mixed feelings.I love my bro and he loves me despite my sexuality.But,he sees that I shouldn't give another chance to my ex.I think he knows what is best for me.should I listen to him?
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I really wish I had siblings especially for these types of reasons. Follow your heart and look at it with time. Don't be irrational

There are those of us who will be your 'sibling' if you need it. Keep your head up pal!

Thanks 😊I actually did find a 'brother' and he's the best bro ever. Took me sometime to realize family isn't always blood

That's awesome dude...and so sweet. Keep that friendship, you'll need it later in life 😉

Lol defiantly

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Yeah I would. Your brother sounds like wouldn't lead you the wrong way and he loves you. Sometimes our hearts are blind to the truth and we chose not to do what we know is right. I would listen to him.

You question brings up multiple OTHER questions,the LEAST of them being if he is gay or straight. Is he older and more experienced or younger and perhaps less so? But I think,overall YOU are the best equipped to answer that question because you know him BEST! So,from what you've given me,I have to say to at least accept his advice and add it to your own thoughts as to what to do.

PS I would like a 10 minute hug too and maybe more!

Yes, dude. But don't get all desperate for a boy friend, just enjoy meeting people and having sex and you will find the ones, yes ones right for you. Just play safe.

This is a really sweet story. Your relationship with your brother is very special. He will be there with you in one way or another the rest of your life. That you love one another, can say that, and can be affectionate with each other is just super. A 10 minute hug. That is so cool. I hope you always remain that close to each other.