Proud Of Being Gay

I know that I am gay. When I was twelve, my sexuality was tested. Every time I see boys, I get aroused by them. I would spent time staring at their hands. When boys are around me, I get so excited. I didn't had the courage to admit that I was gay, so I waited for the right moment. I couldn't just say to people that I'm gay, so I devised a new plan.

I pretended to be a palm reader to touch a boy's hand. I would feel them for a long time, especially on their palm and fingers. I developed a fascination for their feet and pretended to know reflexology as an excuse to touch their feet. After a long while, I became closer to boys, and would grasp their hand, and hold it for a longer time. I would hang around them, and observe their hand movements and feet movements.

Then, something happened to me. I experienced a new change in my life style. I was in high school, and was enrolled in Freshman English. In one of the assignments, I had to pick an issue, and explain and give my argument either supporting or being against it. I didn't had a good idea until I stumbled upon gay marriage and their rights. I decided to pick the topic, despite the risk of being exposed. I did research, and wrote a beautiful paper about it, and turned it in with butterflies in my stomach. After a tense presentation, no one seemed shocked about my topic. This was rewarding for me because no one knew I was gay yet.

In college, I finally found the courage to admit to being gay. In the first semester of freshman year, I discovered a cool Website called experience project. I realized that the site connected me to more people that was gay. I knew that my sexuality shouldn't affect my friendship with anyone. I openly admitted to my friends and parents that I was gay before I left for another term. My parents was shocked, but they sat me down privately, and we talked about it. At first, they were concerned that it would affect my development, but I expressed my side of the issue. Gradually, they accepted me as a gay son.

My friends was taken by surprise. Some of them left me as a friend. I was sad at first, but soon realized that they weren't true friends if they can't accept my sexuality. My best friend supported it, and I discovered that some of my friends was gay. I had came clean from the closet, and felt better about it after revealing a secret that I was ashamed to admit when I was younger. There is no longer the fear of exposing my gayness because of the amount of support I received. I will continue to live my life despite being gay.

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Good, good, good for YOU!

I love being gay!

Good for you for being proud of bring gay 😊😃😉

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I lost a friend cuz I was gay, I felt the same as you -- they were really a friend. A friend is a friend no matter what your color, religion, sexual preference or silly habits may be. You have weeded out losers, concentrate on those that remained.

Coming out can be hard i was lucky i always knew i was gay in gym class when we changed i was always checking out the guys abbs and so on. at 14 my best friend and i were having a sleep over at about one am he woke up crying and told me his dad hit's his mother it was storming out and i was horrified of storms and begged him to stay so as he cried i leaned over and held him to my supprise he leaned over in my lap and kissed me on the cheek or the lips but like he was given me cpr lol was the first time i made love to guy and realized i enjoyed it we lasted seven years till his grand dad found out and shipped him off but it was the most amazing summer of my life learning who i was and it was prob one of the most positive things that came out of my life before having post traumatic stress disorder. i still walk past the house we made love in that night and look at the room and i still see his face and remember the fun we had. Never be afraid to be who u are its in following our hearts and emotion's that we really learn who we are and there's no shame in being who u are.

i am proud of you
and im proud to be gay :)

Nice Story.. I was also hiding being gay until i met my boy friend who now lives with me and most of my personal friends knows about it.

My sister also knows about my relationship and supported it. I am very happy now that i have someone to love who kiss me before he goes to go work and before he sleeps. We have been living togather for almost two years now.

My boy friend is half my age.. but when his gay friends ask him about this he simply say the beauty of the heart is more important then the beauty of the face or age. I am a very happy gay. Cheers from Singapore.

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Hey, great uplifting post. I can relate to the hand thing strangely.

Ps: You got your tenses wrong, but hey ho, thanks for sharing your story.

You have more corage that I do , Dave. To any one reading this still in your teens come clean about your sexuality. It may be hard and cost you some friends; but the older you get, he harder it will be.

Thanks for your story,Dave. After coming out,completely,to myself and deciding that it was just how I HAD to live my life,I failed to take that extra step to open up the subject with my parents. As it turned out I guess it was all for the best since in nearly all cases "your parents just know" their child. So,when I moved out the first time,becoming a "partner" with another guy,buying a HOUSE,it was confirmed to them and they even referred to our German Shepherd as their "hairy grandchild"! They were very supportive of me and I only wish that they were still alive to see just how happy I STILL am.

i am not gay . some of my friends are . i say if it makes them happy Good . thats all that matters being happy with oneSelf

I am glad that you are happy and wish I could be too.

Eh...........................I am a gay boy too<br />
<br />
<br />
But I am not happy,I can not dare to admit this<br />
<br />
My parents are very traditional people. they could <br />
<br />
not accept a gay son anytime.And almost my friends<br />
<br />
also will scorn me as a gay.Maybe many people in<br />
<br />
China are so old-fashioned. I am so lonely that I feel<br />
<br />
that I have no friend to tell my story and worried.<br />
<br />
I am usually worry about that some one find that I <br />
<br />
am a gay.

Have you told your story here? I am sure you would get lots of support and encouragement.

Another song. "We are family", and I believe we are family. We should support and help each other.

Good for you . i am not Gay But i am Openminded . Some of my Friends are Gay . live life as you Want to . Dont Care What others think say or do . its your life live it as you Want to be Happy . i Accept people as thay Are i dont Judge anyeone for Their Sexual interests . Live and Let Live i Say . Trusted Respected Gent .Age 62 years young .

unfortunetly you are right. I know I'm holding myself back from the joy and happiness of life but I'm so afraid of my whole life being turned upside down. And trust me I live in a place where that can happen. EASILY

it's like the song "i am who i am" you are never gonna be who you are truely ment to be until you declare yourself, until then you just be waitting in limbo and regreting and dening yourself happiness. you will come out, the question when? how many missed oportunities at love and lifes fulfillments. my best to you dear one.

I wish that I could find the courage like you did. I am a 18 year old boy who has struggled with trying to come out. I like the straight lifestyle but I wish I could find someone who could help me finally express myself with. Idk if any of you could help I would really appretiate it.

ontherok----- may i add. at times i find myself making simular mistakes while writing, i believe i do it because my brain is making my hand write one thing while my mind is quoting out the correct sentence i intended to write, a sorta dyslexia thing. i easily fix it by proof reading but sadly i get lazy at times. my comment to the author is that i have a feeling it is alot easier for us young gays to come out than our fore brothers- thanks to their efforts. it is telling that you were able to make a presentation about gay marriage with little to no fan fare.

I'm happy for you and proud of your being brave enough to take the risk. I'm also impressed with your ability to express yourself intelligently---but wonder why you repeatedly use "was" after a plural subject. Is this a self-defining quirk? Or do you have some other reason? As a professor of English, I'm interested, so please don't take offence at my asking?

As another gay man, I am proud of you.


i feel really pleased for you.<br />
<br />
........................................................and i like the way that you put your story<br />
<br />
good wishes<br />
<br />

i am happy too !!