You Come And Get What You Want!

I have noticed a certain trend here especially lately....It has been here always, but I never really took the time to dwell much on it.
A young "lady' yesterday! But older ones too-of both sexes. Angry, hostile, bitter people. Her name was a bit familiar. Not in my circle, but I have friends who are her friends. Dear ones of mine. Crude girl! I wanted to say, "Why don't you take your obvious curiosity and expend that effort into something useful? Surely you cannot be such a young sow! " But she easily took offense at my reprimand. I am glad she is not of my circle. I choose friends who are kind and passionate and thoughtful and generally, nice people. Sure some are having some confusion, some darkness. I know what darkness is...Everyone does...When times are hopeless and desperate and one oozes pain like a jugular bleed...Fast and sure and swift! And some are angry and have reason to be. I generally find that anger is useless. Others lead far desperate lives...Ones full of misery and despair...Yesterday, one of my closest and I were talking about the sadness here. The desperation....The anger....He was shocked and surprised. He, my dearone, has been here far longer than I have. And he is easy to talk with about anything under the sun and the moon. I trust him implicitly. And this is not easy for me....I digress...
You come here and generally get what you want or what you need. If you feel the need to smash someone, it is easy! You can attack someone on the sly or hit them where it hurts. You can be effective in these angry attacks. If you need instantaneous pleasure for you that is...
You can troll as well. You know who you are! Those who have two profiles or more. A more furtive tactic. I have captured a few of you too. Hence my cleaning of my circle. You snuck in when I did not know you-I was fresh here. And as I learned and watched and got to know people on the boards and read your stories or responses and opinions, I learned who was who. I turned over the rocks. You cannot hide forever you know. First in my circle then outwards...I journey and find you, the undesirables....Some of you already run. But you cannot run forever. Enough of you!
If you come here with a heavy heart, you may find some relief. I am generally open to these people. And so are many others here. They know how important it is to love someone even a stranger. A good stranger who is down on his/her luck. Or one who is like a boat on the heavy, raging seas in a hurricane. One who is bobbing and cresting over the monstrous waves...One who is trying to navigate the rough waters...One who just is trying to cope in what seems like unsurmountable odds. I will reach out my hands to help. Stand by your side as the waves drench the both of us. Others on the crew will leap to help. Nobody wants to be on a sinking ship, but with all our assistance, this boat will weather the storm. A storm cannot last forever.
And there are those who drop in with happiness and optimism. You regard their avatar and you just know they will brighten like the sun rises in the dawn. They tell a joke or pat your shoulder or laugh or banter or ....Just be themselves. Their wonderful selves. And I love these people. They make my day and my night. Ready to jump on you if they sense any sadness or worry or anything out of the ordinary. Because they know you. Even if they are not in your circle. Circles are hard to maintain. Mine is big and I cannot sit with my friends-all often-as some require more from me than others. But even if I don't talk to you for days, know you are in my circle cause I adore you. Otherwise you would not be with me. Love you!
In conclusion, I just want to say that is what is on my mind. You can backhand others. If I notice, I will block you with my hands or fists. Because that is who I am. Can't stand bullies or monsters or evil. Never have and never will put up with that expletive deleted! Work it out! There are all kind of ways if you want to....Others like you. Go congregate with them. Misery likes company! But don't do it near me. Good day to all of the EPers out there. Or good night! I love this world. Kisses....
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

I love expletive deleted. :)

I don't swear much either. And don't be peeking at my double entendre. I don't know you that well. Yet.

Very well said. I have not been here long enough to know the trolls or sense the deceptions yet. I have no choice but to ba<x>se my impressions on the words with which people choose to express themselves. As my mistakes are made, and I'm sure they will, I will send those who cross me your way. :)