I Am...

Well, okay here's your chance.  You tell me what you think I am.  I will start with:

1) I am a wise-*** at times.

2) I am a mountain man living in the prairie.

3) I am not a cow, I am a bull (got that AFD?).

4) I am a rock hound.

5) I am a flirt, I like all women, yes, I said all women.


Now it's your turn.

LonghornFan LonghornFan
56-60, M
4 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Very close tgilly... Very close...

YOU are........ a cynical, stubborn wild man who prospects in the desert , are a mans man with an appreciation for womanhood.<br />
How close was i ??

Blantantly. Ignoring. YOUR. Comments.

Hmmmmmm... No takers. Guess people think I am great just the way I am.