The Case Of The Uncoordinated Cat


We have a cat, my daughters cat, Lilly, who is coordination impaired.  This cat will jump on her post and miss, going right over the post and falling to the other side.  She was walking on the wet kitchen floor, shaking her feet as she walked and fell over onto her stomach.  She goes to drink out of the water dish and ends up inhaling water, so now she has learned to use her paw to check the level f the water first and then licks her paw.  On top of that, she is black and white, except under her front arms her hair is grey.  Makes her look like she has a bad case of underarm hair growth...

LonghornFan LonghornFan
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10 Responses Feb 15, 2010

I'm sorry Tgilly <br />
that we are so silly<br />
but everyday we must have fun<br />
so instead of run<br />
We just get on EP and let go!

omg , i'm just about falling off the chair with laughter,, You guys above are my kind of peeps.<br />
<br />
Poor Lilly, i feel so mean laughing at your expense.

Peza, score one on arms vs legs. But I think it must be hard for a cat (you) to type without arms or fingers. So.... And we do play follow the cursor, although I must add that uncoordinated cat has a tendency to knock all of the papers off the desk in front of the monitor when she jumps at the cursor.

One small point, if i may , they are not "front arms " but legs ! (LOL).<br />
<br />
P.S. Get her to play Chase The Cursor ! (Most Fun ).

Yep, I have two cats yelling at me to let them out. but I do have work to do, just like you do... No more EP until work is complete...

Coordination impared cat has now decided to walk on my desk in front of the screen. She is knocking stuff off the desk right and left and has hit me in the face with a tail twice. I'm just waiting to see if she jumps off, will she land in the waste basket?

And thanks Michelle. I had never heard of this before but was told it was quite common, because cats can't see the water surface unless it's moving...

AFD, I hope you aren't falling off your scratching post... Guns may go off and shoot the legs off of chairs.<br />
And ATSF, I don't think I can lose this cat. She wanders through the house looking for me with that PPPPRRRROOWWW sound going (you know, that half meow half purr chirping sound). And this is my daughter's cat. <br />
And Giggles, under no circumstances are you allowed to bring your insane dog over. My two dogs are old, so about all they do is lay around all day, I have gotten used to that. To have a dog in the house that is full of energy and lacks coordination would be a disaster!

Sounds like your sweet kitty needs to meet my crazy dog Jagger. He is the most uncoordinated dog I have ever seen but he is fun and keeps me laughing! I got a picture of your cat and my dog in the same room .......ewwww, what a mess!

It sounds like a neurological problem. What does the vet say? It could be a symptom of a much bigger problem although inhaling water and uncontrolled falls are a big problem by thmselves.