Funny thing... for so long, I had no idea what happy meant! It was just an foreign word to me. Seriously. In my life, I never felt truly happy or had an happy moment. My mother did tell me that I was a very happy baby, though I couldn't remember it or imagine it!

But for a long while now, I've been full of joy! It's all new to me! I often wake up with a smile... what the heck??? That's never happened before! And a lot of times, I could be sitting in silence and will burst into laughter for no reason! I think I am really a happy person inside, now! :-)

Even today... I am sick now with a flu-like germ and it feels like my body has been hit several times by a runaway bread truck! :-o

But, I'm still happy! What gives??? I am still laughing! And the scene of my favorite black and white classic, "Scrooge" comes to mind. "I don't deserve to be so happy! ....But I am! I can't help it!" Will nothing wipe this goofy grin off my face? =p

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Nov 25, 2008