I Am A Very Happy Sex Animal.

I have been owned for nearly 25 years but my wife/owner. A typical day for me is much the same as it would be for a pet. I am not allowed to wear clothing unless we are going out for some reason. All clothing that is for my use is kept locked in a closet that I do not have access to. My owner works and I do not. I take care of the house and everything that needs to be done there every day. I start the day when my owner gets up. I prepare her breakfast wearing only the collar that I always have on. I sit on the floor beside her while she eats unless instructed to do otherwise. I am extremely happy when she pets my head and tells me I did a good job, this fills me with pleasure and joy. When she goes to work I do house work until my owner comes home. Usually we will go out for dinner, in which case she will pick for me the clothes she wants me to wear. After dinner and returning home, I ***** naked as soon as we are in the house.

Most evenings I will be ordered to pleasure my owner in some way. She loves to have me perform oral sex on her and often she will order me to have sex with her. If I perform well, I am allowed to *** in her but always with the understanding that I will perform oral sex on her again and clean all my ***** out of her as she does not enjoy sleeping with my ***** leaking out of her all night. I will of course make her *** again.

I love being a sex animal and this is the only way I want to live.
mhs6420 mhs6420
May 24, 2012