I hate it when people who are expected to be supportive of others and then they end up picking favorites and decide that they are going to look at you like you can't amount to anything. Like b*tch you don't know me! I'm sorry but I decide what I amount to you don't. Im a hard worker an i usually dont let things effect me but just because i dont talk to you about what major things happened in my life its not my fault its your fault because I dont trust you enough to tell you and you just proved my point. Thanks for pushing me down because I do love my challenges and you just put a huge bolder in my road that I'm going to move. Ill get over it. Ill show you and everyone els that I can't be held down. I lost respect for you for you've never shown any respect for me. Thank you for the challenge I accept it. Btw highschool sucks! But you'll make it through and you'll end up stronger then you've ever expected.

Sorry about the rant lol
stajapandabear stajapandabear
18-21, F
Aug 15, 2014