And I'm Not Sorry....

I dressed down this guy in a forum i chatted in the other day.  This is one of those cynical "love makes you weak and is worthless and if you love people you are weak and worthless" kinda people...

and no matter WHAT he says he starts discussions about love in the forums all the time (not ep guys)  just so he can start a fight and call people weak and useless..

so i called him out for it, and this chick called me a c*nt.. which yeah, i was being a c*nt so i didnt mind... but the admin stepped in and was like "hey people stay on topic."  which was just as directed at me as it was her,

but she got her feelbads hurt cuz she things the admin always takes my side in arguments... and wouldnt look at it objectivly..

which just makes me feel smug, and im sure that qualifies me as a hateful *itch....

and im still not sorry

(though i am sorry about exposing you to the drama, i just had to say it somewhere where i wouldnt be judged for it)

Shierke Shierke
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

too old for school kids

Maybe the admin would favour you. Did you seem to be favoured by your teachers in school?