We Can All Be Healers

I have known I was a healer since I was a child.But I also  have always known that this did not make me special in any way. We all have the capability of opening up to being a healer. Some of us do, and some of us never do.

I have always felt fortunate that my life unfolded in such a way that I understood this. I felt fortunate that I wasn't held back by limiting beliefs and dogma. I felt fortunate that teachers came to me so I understood what we are capable of.
datura datura
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Very inspirational post.

Thank you I do my best

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I wonder where HeWhoPleasures is now <br />
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I got the distinct feeling he was a healer .. <br />
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Thanks, SG and Nuevo! I've been doing reiki since 1995.

yes you are right. we are all able to be a healer but some of us are restricted by something which makes us unable to open up to spirituality to let us do this. but those who do not know how to heal themselves are lucky that there are people like you in this world



I totally agree with you, HWP.

I appreciate the recognition that we all have the power to heal ourselves. This holds true in physical health and in our views of self-worth, which is ultimately the cause of most ailments (physical and mental).<br />
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I have helped some people to heal (in different ways), but really had to learn to get my ego out of it. Thank you for the lessons and reminders.

Hi IWM. There is absolutely nothing wrong with charging money for doing healing work. After all, money is just another form of energy that is given in exchange for some goods or service. <br />
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I certainly charge for my landscape designs or my sculptures.And I have at times charged for reiki if the person is not a person with which I have a personal relationship that would facilitate another barter-type way of payment. In the beliefs of Usui Reiki, some type of payment is crucial so the client will appreciate and respect the work done. Money is one very valid way.<br />
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I am sure that your healing practice will thrive because of the word -of -mouth advertising you will get from people who realize your skill , compassion, and ability.<br />
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When I speak of bragging I am thinking of a few individuals I have run into who cut down other practitioner's abilities and act as if they are the only "powerful" healers around. When you hear that you can be sure the person is coming from pure ego and doesn't have " the highest good of all" in mind!

This is all really very interesting!

Datura, I agree with you whole heartedly. <br />
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You will hear me say that I am good at what I do....it's a statement of fact and in no way am I bragging. What you do NOT hear me say that I am gifted. I'm not. <br />
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What I do instead, is gift people with healing. In my mind, there is a big difference. <br />
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As far as business goes, I'm putting things in place so that I can be a healer by trade. The give and take remains in that some people don't feel comfortable accepting help for free. This will afford me the opportunity to help them, and in return, I will not only have the chance to do what I love, but I can do it and pay the rent. <br />
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It also has to do with intent. When I heal, I do it with the highest and best good in mind, for both myself and my client.

Thanks JJ and MP.<br />
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Tasmin, it is hard to know. I do not do reiki as a business, and only occasionally do a treatment for someone outside of my family. I do not charge money and do it in exchange for some type of barter or trade ,because there has to be an exchange in the beliefs of the Usui Reiki system. This exchange could be that the person did a favor of some kind for me.<br />
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When people are charging money it becomes a different matter. I have come to believe that people who are skilled at this ( and I do think everyone has the capability) ..... will tend to be rather quiet about their skill and their business will come by word of mouth. I am always wary of people who brag that they are gifted healers and act as if it is something quite special to themselves. People who are good at anything don't need to brag about it.

I believe you are the real thing but I think it is not easy to know which practioners are genuine...

Fascinating, datura! :^)

Yes, the heat of our body is our personal life force energy. However, the energy channeled during a healing is not the healer's personal energy. If it was, the healer would be depleted.<br />
Google therapuetic touch or reiki and you can find lots of info about it!

That's cool. I don't understand the difference though. Isn't the heat of our bodies our life force energy?

Hi LostLeila. When I'm doing reiki for someone the heat I feel in my hands is very strong, very hot--much stronger than usual.<br />
The person I am doing reiki on will also usually feel the heat.Once I was doing a treatment for a man with back pain, an MD and surgeon. He was amazed at the intensity of the heat, and said it felt like a heating pad turned on the high setting on his back. This was a man of science so I knew he wasn't just saying it.<br />
The heat is connected to energy, but not the energy of our bodies. It is the heat of Ki or Chi energy, life force energy.

Hi datura. I've often noticed that, about the heat radiating from the palms of my hands. Everyone has that heat, right, its the energy of our bodies? How does that connect with healing?

There was an eccentric old man in the neighborhood when I was a child. One day when I was five or six he told me he wanted to speak to me about something important. Long story short, he said he was a psychic and then he told me some things that he had no way of knowing.<br />
<br />
And then he asked if I knew I was a healer. He explained some things to me about it. He told me I would experience heat in my hands, and that the first thing I would notice was that I had a way in helping animals. <br />
That was my first realization of it. I later found out that my father was a healer, too.

I truly believe that anything is still possible, Alan. Jump on over to that side of the fence! The body is a self-healing mechanism!!

I really appreciate the healing within concept. I was thinking this morning about my body's potential for overcoming a few decades of neglect. I sat on the fence of wanting to tell myself that my goals were unrealistic and wanting to tell myself that anything was still possible, and that my body can take me where I want to go.

The awareness that all healing comes from within is an important piece to grasp. I'm always heartened to hear healing arts practitioners express this fact. We are all at different levels of our development, with ever-shifting priorities. So often, its the insight, skill, & ob<x>jectivity of another wise caring being that spurs us to grow, learn and heal. Each of us has opportunities to give and to receive.

Thank you, Maisie, for your kind words. <br />
The healing benefit that you received came about because of your own magnificent healing capability. I was merely a conduit for the Universal Life Force energy that creates and sustains us all. Energy which helped you to activate your own power which had been suppressed. I helped you to see the possibility!<br />
All healing truly does come from within. We sometimes just need others to help us be aware of the possibility and the energy that is available to us!

All I can say, Rosary, is that it just all unfolded as it should because I was open to possibilities and synchronicities. The path wasn't always smooth....but it was always teaching me things.<br />

Blessings Friend,<br />
I am very happy your road as a healer started out so smoothly.<br />
You don't seem to have posted for a few months and I was wondering if perhaps you might share a little something in the way of helping my smooth my path.<br />
<br />
Just Smile & Breathe,<br />

It will all unfold in due time, Grasshopper.

datura -- Even though my mind is sometimes clouded by a pizza induced stupor, I do see the potential for healing, and many different ways of healing. I'm curious what your healing experiences have been like. I expect to hear more about them in the months to come.

Why, thank you Alan.

This is interesting. I'm looking forward to reading more about your experiences later.