Healing In Different Territories

One of my students this morning confided that he's falling apart, that he cries a lot and is always nervous and my Healer woke up in me. At the same time my boss was just out in the hall and my class clearly wasn't going as planned.
I often have people crying in my classes. The subjects we discuss get extremely personal and my official role as a Language teacher flies out the window. It doesn't make so much sense to correct someone's grammar when their wife is off her meds and has kidnapped the kids, or she's 12 and found out before class that her parents are splitting up.
I'm always amazed they still show up for class. I'm always amazed how they confide in me.
It seems more natural in my touch work to encounter these situations. The nudity alone allows for this intimacy, clothes seem to act as a sort of costume allowing for distance and self creation, manipulating our image. Nudity and touch break down those boundaries...if we're present and if we let them.
In my touch work, I expect to face these stories, I have more experience in this context, It feels more natural. And a part of me wants to invite my students to be my clients but I won't. They don't know about the other work I do anyways. They chose their context to open up. There must be a reason.
It feels like the work I do with my students has to be more subtle, in the dreaming, so it's learning for me.
It's nice to have somewhere I can write about it.
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You can always refer them to another healer you trust, or you can have a open conversation with them... Sometimes, talking openly is a form of healing...
All the best.

I like that you're able to write about the conflict you seperate personas -- if I may call them that -- the teacher and the healer have. There's definitely a line between the two, one which can't be transcended easily when you're in either situation. It can feel frustrating, but it helps you to recognize your limitations in either one, and this is not a bad thing. I hope it doesn't create too much internal conflict when you're faced with challenging situations, like the 12-year-old whose parents are separating.

I feel as though they are not so much divided as that they over lap. It is part of what makes me whole. It doesn't have to be a battle. A part of me resists being defined as either or the other. I like fluidity. I've yet to grasp why I constantly run from any sort of definition...going off topic here but something I'm currently exploring in relation to this. Thanks :)

Interesting to hear how you work with touch. I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience :) Why don't you consider yourself a Healer? What does Healer mean to you? <br />
I don't take away pain, atleast not by conscious choice. In my experience, my role is to create a space for the other to be able to find the healing they need. My role is to help them locate what is essential for them, to move away the clutter, in a sense, sometimes through touch, sometimes through stories. It's not a mental thing, I don't get to control and decide, though I do set vague sort of intentions. I find it difficult to keep the mental in check when I'm uncomfortable in the environment like I mentioned, when my boss is there or in a public place.

I like questions as it always helps me try to go further, to try and be clearer. So much of it is intuitive. It is as though I remind the body that it can heal itself. The first time I work with someone it can take awhile before the body finds silence. After a few times, the body only needs a nudge and does it naturally. And while it is a gift, in a sense, it's also a discipline and a learned presence. I also needed reminding and nudging from my teachers to wake it up in me. Thanks for your comment :)