An Introduction

I have always believed that we are all capable of being healers, just as we are all capable of loving and being loved.

Loving is, afterall, a large part of healing.

I did not realize just how powerful this could be until my first experience of intuitive healing.

I was in the hospital getting some testwork and I was searching for the room of my appointment and got a little lost.

I walked past the room of a child and someone from inside the room called my name.

I went in and this beautiful little girl was sleeping in the bed, but she was so pale and fragile.

In that moment I seemed to lose control of what I was doing.

I was in my body, but not in control.

I went to the bed and took her hand in mine.

She opened her eyes and smiled and I was in control again.

I smiled back and I felt a surge of love and warmth flow from my heart and down my arm and I saw the little girl gain a little pink in her cheeks and asked if I was her guardian angel.

I asked her why she thought I was an angel and she told me my hands felt like fire but didn't hurt.

When I told her I was sorry I wasn't her angel she asked what I was doing in the hospital and I told her what was wrong with me.

She gave my hand a little squeeze and I felt a warmth like I had sent her flow into me and she said she hoped that wouldn't change my test results too much.

Then a nurse came in and started to shoo me out when she noticed the little girl and asked how long she had been awake.

The little girl said she felt someone touch her hand and she woke up.

The nurse pulled me into the hall and told me the little girl had been in a coma for two weeks.

She went back into the room and started checking how the little girl was doing.

I popped my head in to exchange winks with the girl behind the nurse's back and then made a run for it.

I was exhausted and could feel my pulse thumping in my ears and I just knew that the best thing would be for me to disappear before the nurse could get a hold of me.

This little adventure caused me to miss my appointment, but as it turned out googlemaps gave me the wrong hospital of two with the same name and when I finally got around to rescheduling and getting the test done I could still feel the squeeze of the little girl's hand and the results came back clear.

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8 Responses Jul 6, 2008

This is heart warming ! Thank you. Any recent similar experiences?

Beautiful is all I can say this story has given me hope today.

I love your is so beautiful.... (tear)

That day was a testament to who you are inside. Thank you for sharing something so beautiful with us.

thats amazing

Wow. I have chills. What a blessing

Gifted from above.

That's amazing and beautiful...treasure that bond forever. I am glad all is well.