Not Exactly a Healer......but I Play a Role in the Healing Process.

I am a professional massage therapist. I consider myself to be a part of the holistic approach to healing the body physically and mentally with my therapeutic massage.  Not only is it therapeutic by increasing circulation to one's body but it also releases any toxins which I relate to negative energy.  I pray before I start and sometimes during if I feel any negative energy during the session.  I am also there to listen as the client releases tension and stress by talking about what is bothering them.  I like to call myself a lower scale psychiatrist....instead of the client lying on a couch they are lying on a massage table! It is physical, mental and emotional therapy. I believe that only through JESUS, the real healer, is this possible. These are my spiritual gifts and I use them wisely through God's Spirit. AMEN.

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wander, thank you, sweetie!!! Such a huge compliment regarding Christianity....I am deeply touched! I am so in agreement with you.....every word! See ya around!!! Smoochies.... :)

Awww...Jomz, thanks for your kind words! Peace and blessings...

well, i think i would disagree on you being NOT EXACTLY a healer, well, in a good way though.i believe that you are a healer... you have the mindset and goal of helping others in your own way. and i believe that the power of touch goes deep. specially in today's world, with the technology, people became too attached to material things. and with what you do, you help bring everything back. the power of touch brings us back to feel humans again...

Thank you Ravenlee. I enjoy making a difference in one's spiritual and physical health. ((HUGS))

in this physical world we stand to benefit much from spiritual strength. we all have the capacity to heal from within. it is great to have help from people like you.

Yes, and I love giving hugs! It is my custom to hug someone if they need one or if I am acknowledging a friend or family member when I am greeting them. It is so sad when people get offended when I give them a hug when meeting them for the first time. What has this world become when I can't "love" my fellow man (stranger or not) by giving them a hug?<br />
<br />
This is customary (even kisses on the cheek) in other countries...why can't it be customary in the good ole' U.S.A. the country that is the MOST blessed in the whole world???<br />
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