If You Are Really a Healer ...

This experience has me a little concerned. If you are writing a story here for example, it would seem to me that you fancy yourself having powers of some kind. Are we talking Jesus and Lazarus here, because Lazarus was cold dead, and Jesus man--they say he brought him right back to life. I saw this written somewhere. Now that is some serious healing if you ask me. And some people even believe it is really true. So we might have to fine tune the definition of healer, I mean unless you are convinced you are Jesus.

I am big into channeling powers and prayer as an instrument of healing--I get that. There have been cases recorded throughout history where people claim to have been healed with the laying on of hands and such, and if the layee feels better, then that's great.   

Einstein says that intuition is nothing more than relying on past experiences and then the brain uses that past knowledge and can utilize it when analyzing the current situation. I love Eisntein so I would never argue with him, but it would mean that if your past experiences have not been that great then your intuition would suffer a little. Anybody can say they have intuition, so I would need written examples of cases of intuitive knowledge were I to seek the help of such a person. You know...references and examples. 

Then I would have to ask my healer just what makes them think they are so special. It is a legitimate question after all--epsecially if they do not have the references I just asked to see. 

There's one more healing oriented thing that bothers me about this group: If you are a healer, that is nice, but I want to know why you have to keep telling everyone about your powers. Why do healers feel the need to constantly stoke their own egos by making these kinds of proclamations all the time?

If you are constantly saying to yourself and anyone else who will listen that you are a wonderful, intuitive healer, that might be a kind of affirmation for yourself, which is great, but those kinds of statements repeated over and over again sound like you are advertising. And if that is the case, then you are looking to reach people in need of help. That's nice too, but what would be even nicer would be if there was some way to verify your lofty claims. See this would be where the references would come in again. Sort of like...oh yeah..prove it, especially if you are looking to take my money.

I propose these guidelines because there are a lot of vulnerable people out there in need of real healing. And saying that you are intuitive and wonderful and talented and full of healing powers doesn't make it so. In fact, if you have to keep saying how talented you are, I think it is little like "she or he doth protest too much" . 

Why not just go somewhere where there are people in need and do a little pro bono healing to make their day. Then maybe if they can attest to your ability, well then you just might have a reference in the making. Then you could make up business cards and flyers to put on people's windshields and that would probably give you a lot more credibility than you have now.  

I'm just looking out for the potential client who might be vulnerable and looking for help, and end up harmed by a so-called healer. That would not be cool.

Also, does the healing power ever run out? Like if you have a particularly needy client, could you find your self depleted of power then? Wow. That would be a drag--specially if you have already made a lot of fliers. 

Lesson: Be careful what you claim and who you target to recieve your "powers". Because I am a "seer" and the universe has shown me the future and  it does not bode well for fraudulent healers. Your license to heal might be revoked by the universe if the universe finds out .  Remember...first, Do No Harm. 

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6 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Wow, you're an idiot. Do they not teach logic anymore in school? What a boatload of speculations and unsupported assumptions.

Quite a few legit healers do exactly this--they have a long list of satisfied clientele with enthusiastic and supportable testimonials. It's why they have a business.

Raising the dead? What the **** is wrong with you? No one's claiming any such thing. Is this the standard you hold conventional medicine to? So Doc, you Jesus or something?

We're energy, vibration, and frequency. Ask your favorite scientist.

Why does any profession or advocation have to tell people? Um...so they can find what they're looking for. They probably just don't "see" things like you, Miss Cleo.

Every profession has its frauds. Should we get rid off all of these pursuits?

A lot of nonsense spoken in righteous ignorance.

Loved it! Do No Harm... Indeed!

I find your statements very interesting. Like reading the other side of an argument. I do not see things as you do. I would be more inclined to ask at what point any person is considered an expert on any certain subject matter like for instance healing? Does going to school make you an expert? Can any persons education be considered complete or mastered? Or credible proof for or against anything? I understand your personal statements about evidence but if you are seeking evidence so desperately then your own skepticism stands in your way. Also why is Jesus above your skepticism but others are not? Do you make exceptions to your own rules? <br />
<br />
In some countries what you dedicate your life to is what you then identify yourself as. I consider myself a healer. I help others find what they have rejected in themselves and let go of that pain. I do massage to help detox lymph-node systems. I do Trigger point and sports massage therapy to help people with their posture and pain. I do Reiki healing to help energize their spirits. I do spiritual counseling to help give people a healthier perspective on themselves. To teach them forgiveness and to help them more out of negative patterns and situations. I dedicate my time to others because I believe I am helping them. I don't really think school does much when compared to natural talent. Not everybody gets the healing they think they need. Sometimes my answer is to seek help elsewhere. I honestly believe we are here to learn and grow. We don't always get what we want even though it's what we think we need. I wish I could help everybody but the truth is not everybody wants the help they ask for. They fight against support of any kind. I do not believe in being a human crutch. So here we are. The healer in me. The skeptic in you. Does it really matter? We are who we are. We do what we do. Live and learn. Learn and live.

And it is so true, diplomas and books do nothing, if the raw tallent and honest heart felt intention to heal and help people in need isn't there at all.

I am not a healer, but I am learning Reiki now. If people didn't tell others that they can heal, than I couldn't find out what a healer is and how I can learn to heal others. I think it's wonderful that people have pride in the gift that was graced to them. If everyone was coy about their gifts, than others would never find out that they could be healed, or that they could heal others. <br />
Whether or not they tell people or not, it can not take away their gifts! So I say TELL! Let everyone know that there is a beautiful gift you can share with the world! :) Namaste!

{exerpt from SilvaUltraMind System; ESP, also called intuition, is a common faculty we all possess. Some people simply use it better than others.<br />
<br />
In the early part of the 20th century Einstein said:<br />
The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational <br />
mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.} <br />
I personally believe the human mind is capable of extraordinary healing powers - and also have concerns on where to find credible sources for self training, or self healing. Sometimes self healing is learned and improved upon while in the process of helping someone else heal.

And within the process of helping someone else heal, we heal ourselves BUT also we grow as human beings, we express our HUMANITY ! Fantastic point of view ! Thank you.

I can speak to the question of whether a reiki practitioner would ever feel drained from giving a treatment since I am a reiki master. The answer is no. The practitioner's personal energy or power is in no way involved in the treatment. The practitioner is merely a channel for ki, universal life force energy. The following question and answer is taken from ReikiNews@reiki.org:Q. What does it feel like to give a treatment?A. When giving a Reiki treatment, the Reiki energy flows through the practitioner before leaving the hands and flowing into the client. Because of this, the practitioner receives a treatment also. As the Reiki energy flows through the practitioner, she/he will feel more relaxed and uplifted. Spiritual experiences sometimes take place. The practitioner sometimes receives insights about what the client needs to know to heal more deeply.Because it is a channeled healing, the Reiki practitioner's energies are never depleted. In fact, the Reiki consciousness considers both practitioner and client to be in need of healing, so both receive treatment. Because of this, giving a treatment always increases one's energy and leaves one surrounded with loving feelings of well-being.