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In recent years I've noticed that I have a healing touch, and I can really help people let go of pain, I think.  too bad it doesn't work on me.  It's more intuitive than I would have wished to be years ago, but maybe it's what I can manage.

I'm new on here, I don't really know what I'm doing.
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You are starting on a path, and how nice that you are living in a time when you can tap into the collective wisdom of a place like this! You will be curious and will seek out information that will help you understand the nature of your reality. Our beliefs can be false, so question them always. In particular, self-healing... There is something within yourself that believes you are incapable of using the same healing energy that you are able to access for others to heal yourself. Some of our beliefs are deeply held, others fall away. No matter, just be aware. No judgement. Just awareness. Ask, "How is this belief helping me?" If the answer is, "It is not," then gently usher it out.

Sometyhing else to look into, besides the excellent suggestion about Wicca, is to look into Reiki as a healing modality. Look it up on the Web and if you're interested see if you can find someone who offers attunements at a reasonable price.

Not true that you can't help heal yourself... You would heal yourself ,, in the same manner that you heal others... and even in more way's.. I do it whenever I need a pick me up or have a issue with my body.. Don't believe that you can't heal yourself,,, it's nonsence.. I could go on forever in the many way's that you can.. as opposed to the one way of not healing yourself... to heal or not to heal hmmm..

Blessings Friend,<br />
You do a good thing in sharing yourself with us.<br />
The best advice I can offer at present about your concerns of the pain you feel and the process being more intuitive than you like would be to join witchschool.com as a basic member and take their first degree correllian course.<br />
Even if you don't believe in witchcraft I think healers ought to take a look at it.<br />
It has some very good information on self-cleansing and its exercises in energy manipulation have helped me to become more aware of the healing process so I can concentrate on what's happening and strengthen it.<br />
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Just Smile & Breathe

I understand from your story that you help some people with the same that you have. I knew from my own experience that is very difficult heal self. I ask another once which had this abilities to help me. If you want to be healing you must find someone, which has the healing power and abilities to help you.<br />
Good Lock.<br />