A Healing Effect

 I don't claim to go about healing people. I'm not about to start any rallies or put up a tent and call people out of their wheelchairs. I don't see myself going there.

But I do have a healing effect on people wherever I go, and now I am consciously learning techniques to bring more healing energy into this world and into the environments and relationships I create.

I practice reiki, which is an energy healing technique. I practice massage and touch, giving hugs and other forms of touch - the human touch and the human connection are powerfully healing. And most of all, I practice love, which is the greatest healing and transformational energy that exists.

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Can you heal premature *********** ?

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I'm 22 now and discovered I could heal people too. The more I am in my Heart and I am loving, the more the process goes automatically. It feels so good to help people this way, it just comes naturally. I am wondering, what kind of training can I take to work on this and improve it?<br />
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The more we love, the more love expands. That's the only revolution and the only evolution we need.

Couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for sharing your love with the world. Here's my story....<br />
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I had been doing teaching and healing work for about 15-20 years. For about a year, I had been looking for someone who could take my healing to the next level. I always believed that healing miracles were possible, I just didn’t know how. <br />
I was doing massage and healing work at the local Unity church and I heard they were bringing in a guy from China, Dr. Sha, to teach about healing. I really didn’t pay much attention.<br />
Then one evening I was checking my emails and I came across a flyer reminding me he was coming that night. My partner was in the bedroom, crashed out after work. He had been complaining for a long time about always feeling sluggish and low energy. I had made a lot of suggestions, but you know, there’s only so much you can say to your partner before it becomes nagging! I called out, “Hey, I forgot to tell you. There’s some healer from China coming to Unity tonight. Supposed be a master of I Ching, Feng Shi, Tai Chi, some other stuff. His name’s Dr. Sha.” I figured we’re not going anywhere. Next thing I know, my partner’s standing in the doorway, dully dressed, saying “let’s go!” I was shocked!<br />
That evening, I watched Dr. Sha do healing blessings an a very large woman with no cartilage in her knees who could barely walk with her cane. He did several kinds of healings and by the time he was done, she was walking up and down the aisles without her cane, sobbing at the amazing transformation that was happening in her life. My heart and soul said “yes!”<br />
My partner and I have both studied pretty intensely with Dr. Sha for several years. We have helped hundreds of people and even had some miracles of our own. I have a friend who says that the healing blessing I gave her made her migraines go away after years of pain medication. We have a couple friends who tell us the blessings we gave helped to heal their babies in the hospital – that they saw the difference right away and it kept their babies from surgery, or worse. And a few days after doing a demonstration with one of our colleagues, she came up to me and said, “Thank you for what you did for my friend.” I said, “Ummmm….You’re welcome. What did I do?” She said, “My friend said you just looked at her and healed her.” <br />
Please don’t misunderstand. I know who I am. I am the same guy who believed that healing miracles can happen, but didn’t know how. I know that I wasn’t the one causing those healings. They came from the same place all healing comes from, the Divine (or whatever name you wan to use). And they came from Love. But, those are more miracles than I ever experienced in my practice before I met Dr. Sha. I am so very glad hat I did meet him, that my partner did want to go that night, and that the Divine has shown me this way of working with people.<br />
If you want more information, please visit www.drsha.com

Thanks. I'll do just that. :-)