A Healthy Nut

I am a healthy nut just as much as nuts are healthy.  lol.  Seriously though I could be healthier but I consider myself a health nut because I love to eat really healthy stuff like veggies and whole grains and lean meat.  I love to read about ways to improve your body's health too.  All things that are health-related interest me. 
Valentine Valentine
26-30, F
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Very interesting comment, thank you for sharing!

Fruits, veggies, grains and nuts, and especially when naturally grown are the best for anybody. <br />
Also sometimes fish or chicken can be good but heavy meat is no good because it is too heavy both for the body and for the soul. Some would say there are proteins and other elements in there we cannot obtain from other sources but this is not true, eating heavy meat actually does more harm than good; all the elements in it can be obtained from other sources harmlessly for the animals and for the humans eating them too. <br />
Also there are other sources of (obtaining) energy and eating is definitely NOT the main source of why we live and function. Yes, there are biochemical and biophysical reactions in the body of course that transform one thing into another, produce energy and so - still we do not live BECAUSE we eat - the purpose of eating is other :), and we also LIVE BECAUSE OF ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ENERGY. <br />
That is why there are people here and there who can live in a quite different way than most people and always have energy. <br />
Exercising is good too of course, and especially what your body wants because as with food and love - there are so many different tastes that one sport that can be good for somebody can not be that good for some other - listening to your inner voice of soul and body is what matters. <br />
But even when you don't have the time or for other reasons you sometimes live 'unhealthy' you can still always be in very good health if you want and know how to channel that energy. <br />
We are energy first and only after that a body.

Lol <br />
Yes - what else is good for a human than a healthy life having good natural food and full of natural activities? <br />
What IS NATURAL IS NATURAL LOL and it always is the best for the body and mind. :-)

lol I do not make those strange combinations when I cook! Honest!

I'm a bit of a health nut too. Although after reading about your strange food combinations, I'm not sure I'd want to have dinner at your house... :P