I Don't Think It's Something To Be Proud Of..

I did it once already and I'm only nearly 15. I broke his heart. He pretended he wasn't hurt. We moved on. I felt guilty. He said he had never loved anyone like he had loved me, but it was best to let it go. So we did and I was ok with my decision, thinking he was too. Then I saw him again. All the old feelings came rushing back and I soon realised I was still in love with him as we locked eyes. I pulled my eyes away from him and told myself we were done, and anyway it was my fault we were over. It the next few weeks, I flirted with other guys and tried my best to forget about him. I actually did begin to develop a bit of a crush on one of the lads I sat beside in science, but it was short lived because whenever I saw "him" in the hallways, my heart would skip a beat, I'd get butterflies in my stomach and I'd get lost in his eyes. The new crush thing didn't work. He admitted all the old feelings for me were still there. I told him I was so sorry for calling it off and making him wait even more. He said it was ok, because when we were apart, we realised we couldn't live without each other. I eased him pain, the pain which I had originally caused him and fixed his broken heart. I'm so glad I did and so happy we are together again. Breaking his heart was the worst thing I've ever done and I'd take it back in a heartbeat. I don't know how some people can be proud of breaking other's hearts. People's feelings are not something to be messed with. I am promising now that I will never ever break another guy's heart as long as I live, I just couldn't hack the guilt. I'm so lucky I got a second opportunity with him. Not many would <3
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I did this with my last ex. He is an ex again though. I agree I hate breaking others hearts.

I read this story again and had to think - yup, I've broken his heart again. I didn't mind doing it this time (December) which is probably bad. But this time am sincere because I'm with someone I truly love and I'll never break his heart &lt;3

Yeah, I had to break up with my ex twice. Once was an official breakup,the other was just we could not talk to each other anymore,because it would just lead to us having problems again. I am sorry you had to break his heart again. However ai understand the finding of another too, so good luck with him. I wish you my best.

Thanks, I hope I can stay with him because I love him. Best of luck to you too.